Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

What our graduates are saying about the previous MSc course in Sports and Biomechanical Medicine:

Luis Larrea Murillo - (2014-2015 intake) Spain

Photographic Element"I have loved sports from a young age having played football to a high standard at academy level, competed in amateur boxing and tried numerous other sports recreationally for enjoyment. I proceeded to enroll to the University of Derby where I achieved a BSc in Sports Development and Coaching. Following a few years establishing myself as a professional working coach and S&C coach for a few academy teams in the UK and Spain, as well as developing my growing interest in the medical sciences behind physical activity by working with a number of researchers and health professionals in the ‘Universitat de Valencia’ I though the next step would be to apply for the MSc Sports and Biomechanical Medicine course offered at the University of Dundee . This course delivered on everything I expected of it, teaching me about exercise medicine, covering all my areas of interest, and I learned even more than I could’ve imagined when I applied for this course in the first place.

This course met all my expectations. The in-house project was an incredible experience for me as it gave me the chance to formulate my own project, co-ordinate it myself, and gave me the immensely valuable experience to conduct my own study. The TORT Centre facilities were like nothing I’ve ever seen before with amazing lab equipment, the staff like the students where a joy to work with, and the overall environment was absolutely pleasant. It was an incredible experience and taught me so much about working independently as well as organizing a well structured project. For all these reasons I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who has a strong interest in sports and health care."

Luis Ricciulli Ventura - Mechanical Engineer (2013-2014 intake) Portugal

Photographic Element"I have been a sports enthusiast since I can remember. It is intrinsic to my personality to feel compelled to watch and engage in any activity which skill dominance intrigues me. The MSc Sports and Biomechanical Medicine was nothing but the best to teach me how to better analyse and understand human motion in endless activities and sports while having present participant's physiology, anatomy and nutrition accompanied by a strong knowledge of human biomechanics and a large variety of sports legalities. The course has a great component of self learning which incites all students to become more independent and critical by thriving to read and research as much scientific content as possible, present in all the books, articles, manuals and more studying materials, provided by the most comfortable, University of Dundee. I consider this component of independence made me much more mature and prepared me towards my future professional life.

As a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, the course helped me connect the best of both worlds: my love for sports and movement and my knowledge of mechanics. This was mainly possible due to the large variety of professionals and academics composing the department, from statisticians to psychologists, orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, biomechanists, physiotherapists and mechanical engineers. The course also introduced me to concepts I found energising and that are not yet explored in Portugal such as the module 'Exercise is Medicine'.

Finally, the dissertation phase in this course was a great way to choose a further specialization from the contents studied in the modules. The facilities have top-notch technology and highly skilled professionals that were always available, friendly and very heartwarming, making the TORT Centre the best place to accomplish all you could wish from a sports course."

Sqn Ldr (Mrs) Sumeet Lakhvir - Medical Officer (2013-2014 intake) India

Photographic Element"My background is as a Medical Officer with the Armed Forces and Medical Services with the Indian Ministry of Defence and it was my proud privilege to have been a student of the MSc Sports and Biomechanical Medicine course. The course content was excellent. The approach to teaching and the guidance offered by the faculty, in learning the subject is appreciable. Sports medicine is a speciality bringing together other specialities like Anatomy, Physiology, and Orthopaedics; to which the addition of Biomechanics makes this course very valuable. Fellow students in the course, are from different academic backgrounds/professions, with a common passion for sports. There is great opportunity for exchange of ideas and interactions, which changes our perspective of sports for the better. The laboratory in the department is well equipped and state of the art, the research possibilities are endless!

Dundee is a scenic city, peaceful with warm and friendly people. I loved my experience of Scotland and would visit again with family. I recommend this course to all those committed to the betterment of Sports".

Alfonso Rangel - Orthopaedic Surgeon (2012-2013 intake) Spain

Photographic Element"The MSc in Sports and Biomechanical Medicine was an excellent opportunity to understand why sport must be considered a science. From the physiological aspects of muscle tissue to the psychology of the athlete, from the study of musculoskeletal injuries to the legal issues of a team physician's contract, this course provides key knowledge and understanding to those professionals interested in exercise as an allied healthcare professional. The staff is multidisciplinary and international, which is extremely rewarding; the lecturers are composed of mechanical engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, psychologists, physiotherapists and statisticians. The facilities and laboratories available at the department for studies in biomechanics are cutting edge, and can be used for the development of the dissertation. The course has a very important element of self-learning, which involves extensive research and study days in the magnificent library of the University of Dundee".

Olumuyiwa Adekunle Adeosun - Medical Practitioner (2012-2013 intake) Nigeria

Photographic Element"I have always held a deep interest in sports right from my undergraduate medical school days and my hobbies were engaging in and watching sporting activities. When it was time to decide which area I wanted to specialize in, I had no difficulty choosing Sports Medicine. Indeed it was a no-brainer as it was the area of my interest and hobby. Unfortunately though it wasn’t an established area of specialty in Nigeria. After a thorough search of schools in Europe and America, I decided to come to the University of Dundee and I can proudly say if presented with the choice again, it would still be Dundee! There are specific reasons why I say this and some of these include:

The structure of the course is student-friendly and specifically provides learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. We were encouraged at every opportunity to read and learn beyond what we were taught in class by the provision of materials for further reading. The study environment is very conducive for optimal learning. I always felt relaxed and comfortable in class during lectures and times of study. IT facilities were pristine, very efficient and resources in the libraries were adequate for research.

The lecturers and indeed the non-academic staff were friendly and always willing to help us out in every possible way. What impressed me most was the willingness to help even with issues that were unrelated to academics. Support for us international students was indeed remarkable. Lecturers were readily accessible and always willing to give help at every opportunity. As I stated earlier, if I was presented with the choice again, I would still pick the University of Dundee".

Edet Ukpong-Dan - Locum Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon (2012-2013 intake) UK

Photographic Element"The course is really great and it is well packaged for easy understanding and application of the knowledge. The lecturers are superb, the environment is exciting, stimulating, and the interaction calm rewarding learning atmosphere. The friendly atmosphere, one-on-one advice, information and personal support, exist to encourage students in the pursuit and development of themselves and also promote understanding and respect amongst staff and students. Thank you for this enriching opportunity. It is worth all the effort".