Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

What our students are saying about the SwB experience in Dundee

Carlos Martini (SWB 2014-2015 intake)

Photographic Element"The University of Dundee was my first option when applying for my studies in the UK. It was the only University offering an opportunity of having the same experience and studying in the same environment as a UK medical student. I could not have been more right about my choice! Since week one we have been developing our research topics and attending lectures that were successful in the task of teaching us many new concepts and extracting the most of our potential. This course presented me to a completely different approach of orthopaedics, introducing biomechanical and technological aspects of this medical specialty.

The staff from the TORT Centre were really friendly and helpful, always concerned about our academic performance and our adaptation to a new country. I could not be more grateful for that. In addition, the MCh (Orth) and BMSc classmates were also very welcoming, making it easy for me to feel at home. This year in Scotland not just gave me a huge knowledge in orthopaedics and a chance to improve my English skills; it broadened my view over many aspects of medical practice and scientific research, as well as presented me with friends for life. Thank you all, hope to see you soon."

Rogerio Magno Do Nascimento Filho (SWB 2014-2015 intake)

Photographic Element"Doing this BMSc course was the best possible experience in the SWB programme. With relevant and interesting modules the intercalated degree was a great alternative to basic disciplines that I had previously studied in Brazil as a 4th year medical student. Also, the course allows you to run your own scientific project, encouraging you to develop academic skills such as volunteer recruitment, scientific research, writing and scientific poster and presentation skills.

The Institute of Motion Analysis & Research, at the TORT Cemtre provides top notch gait analysis equipment and, as this all happens in English with a very friendly faculty and staff, I had a deep experience of the Scottish academic environment and further developed my English language skills. I can certainly say that this BMSc course has made my time in Scotland worth it."

Nicole Georges Lambrakos (SWB 2014-2015 intake)

Photographic Element"Before choosing to participate in the Science Without Borders program I could see that most medical students, including myself, were uncertain about whether or not the courses available would be appropriate. Dundee University, more specifically the TORT Centre, was the only one that proposed matriculation on a course associated with the School of Medicine.

This very important initiative, provided me a great range of experiences. I could learn fields of Orthopaedics that otherwise I wouldn't be in contact in Brazil. A deeper contact with scientific research learning that resulted in a dense research project and thesis, and at the end being awarded a BMSc degree from a University of excellence and one of the best medical schools in the UK. I also had an amazing opportunity of being in contact with other medical students and the facilities of the School of Medicine, and also Ninewells Hospital, being able to have contact with patients and watch surgeries, having a closer experience with the NHS. All that without mentioning being easier to attend workshops and conferences around the UK.

With all that, I just want to say thank you, to the members of the TORT Centre that were very friendly, patient and receptive with all of us, that embraced our initiative and could make all of this possible. I’m leaving with an enormous academic and cultural learning, that with sure made these last months away from home extremely valuable and enriching."

Bruno Ribiero (SWB 2013-2014 intake)

Photographic Element"It is much more than I expected and now I am sure that coming to Dundee University is the main reason for me in thinking that way. I can start by saying that the department staff do their upmost to make us feel like we are part of a family, treating us with respect in a friendly environment, always willing to help.

The course is also a big opportunity for us, since we are the only four 'Science without Borders' students in the whole United Kingdom with access to patients and with the ability to enter operating theatres to watch surgeries. In addition, since the first month, we have been attached in a research project and the lectures are always by great visiting Professors.

Living on University campus with students from all over the world gives me the opportunity not only to improve my English language abilities but to grow as a human being, to learn about different cultures and to develop skills that I will use during my entire life".

Brazilian visitors at IMAR Sports Lab, TORT Centre

Bruno (2nd from left) introducing his visiting Brazilian family members to staff and students at the IMAR Sports Lab.

Camila Brito (SWB 2013-2014 intake)

Photographic Element"I had the most amazing year at the University of Dundee. The TORT Centre, where I was studying, is a world reference in orthopaedic research and I did their BMSc in Applied Orthopaedic Technology along with other native medical students. The course is very well structured, based on lectures from renowned visiting professors, a scientific project and a lot of time for self-directed learning. The latter was very important to me because it taught me how to better divide my time between those activities and as a student in Brazil we don't have that necessity. On top of that, we had the opportunity of going to clinics and watching surgeries, and even had a one month rotation in general surgery, which was one of the best experiences I had during this year. 

Also, Dundee is a beautiful city and a great place to live. Scotland has got a wonderful and rich culture which I fell in love with and I am certainly going to miss. But more important, Scotland has the most friendly people. We were warmly welcomed by the Department staff and they have treated us very well during this year, making us feel like part of a family. Their support was very important to us and contributed a lot for our time here to be the best possible".