MRes in Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation

MRes in Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation

This MRes Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation at the University of Dundee is designed to give students an understanding of sports, sports science, rehabilitation aspects of sports and the biomechanics, kinetics and kinematics underpinning the study of sports and exercise.

The Syllabus covers a wide variety of sport-related topics including Research design and medical statistics; measurement systems in motion analysis; biomechanics in sport; sports injury management and rehabilitation; and finally a Dissertation on a substantive laboratory‐based or focused research project in the field of sports rehabilitation and biomechanics.

A vital factor in the success of any postgraduate MRes course is in the quality of the lectures given to students throughout the duration of the course. This MRes Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation course is blessed in having one of the best teaching faculties in the UK who freely give their time and valuable expertise to promote an unrivalled teaching and research syllabus for all interested in sports and exercise.

Graduates from this sports MRes will be able to use their skills and knowledge to successfully increase their level of integration of sport and exercise medicine within their respective professions and disciplines at an advanced practitioner level. Graduates will be able to contribute to teamwork with a greater understanding of the inter-relationship between movement mechanisms, the fundamental nature of human performance at all levels and clinical outcome.

The MRes Programme comprises five modules and all are required to be studied. Taught Modules contribute 90 credits; Module 5 is a research project contributing 90 credits.

After completing the research project, the Master of Research (a minimum of 180 credits) will be awarded. The duration of study is 1 year full-time, starting each September.

MODULE 1 - Research Design and Medical Statistics

MODULE 2 - Biomechanics in Sport

MODULE 3 - Measurement Systems in Motion Analysis

MODULE 4 - Management of Soft Tissue and Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation

MODULE 5 - Research Project

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MSc Sports Biomechanical Medicine

Course Co-Director: Professor Rami Abboud

Course Co-Director: Dr Tim Drew