Career Prospects

Career Prospects

How will studying this course help your career prospects?

This particular MRes Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation will give you the opportunity to understand why sport must be considered a science. Sports medicine is a subject bringing together many diverse specialities including Anatomy, Physiology, and Orthopaedics; to which the addition of Biomechanics and rehabilitation makes this MRes course almost unique.

From the physiological aspects of muscle tissue, to understanding the biomechanics, kinetics and kinematics of motion, from the study of musculoskeletal injuries to conducting a substantive piece of original research, this course provides key knowledge and understanding to those professionals interested in exercise as an allied healthcare professional.

Whilst boasting an exceptional teaching and lecturing faculty drawn from experts in many sports-related fields the course also has a strong element of self-learning which incites more independent study and allows for a more critical understanding to research and sports in general. The sports laboratories in the department are so well equipped and state of the art that the research possibilities are endless allowing candidates the opportunity to perform further specialised research and complete a Thesis that can be published in peer-reviewed sports journals.

This MRes Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation will therefore prepare graduates for a research-focused clinical graduate career in either the NHS or academia, and is particularly well positioned to prepare for entry into a clinical academic career path if you are a clinical graduate. Those students not already in academia or the NHS will broaden their scope of being able to do so and additionally benefit from the multitude of opportunities in the public and private sectors involving sport and exercise.