Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

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Dr Um-May Sumya - Student, Bangladesh (due to Graduate 2017)

Photographic ElementThe MSc in Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Technology course has been designed in such a way that students can integrate biomechanical with clinical knowledge. This feature of the course helps to develop the skills healthcare professionals require when dealing with musculoskeletal problems. As a medical professional one should know the biomechanical explanation behind any type of injury to give the patient the best treatment and this unique feature of the course serves this purpose. Furthermore, the elaborate course plan on Orthosis and Prosthesis, and Arthroplasty helps respective professionals to build confidence on giving rational treatment.

The project element of the course is exciting. The department has a well-equipped laboratory with a really supportive team for helping students to conduct research; even allowing students to decide upon their own research topic of interest. Whilst conducting my project, I learned about research techniques, how to analyse data statistically, and how to organise written and oral presentations about which I had no idea previously. I am Now confident about applying these skills in my PhD and am grateful to my supervisors, lecturers and tutor for their invaluable support and help.

I can honestly say that I have gained tremedously from this course, and I would highly recommend it for any medical professional related to orthopaedics or rehabilitation. I enjoyed my year in this department and I am delighted I came in contact with some of the best teachers and staff in my life who do their best to help students in every possible way.

Thanyaporn Rakbangboon - Lecturer, Thailand (Graduated 2013)

Photographic Element"Studying for the MSc in Orthopeadic & Rehabilitation Technology at the University of Dundee, I have gained a lot through various experiences both in the classroom and via laboratory teaching. From daily interaction with my classmates and academic staff, I have improved my interpersonal skills and gained more confidence in professional and academic communication in English. This is of great benefit to me working with my colleagues back in my University in Thailand. I also believe I have gained in competence and expertise and I am more confident in dealing with my own students".


Charmaine Mifsud - Occupational Therapist, Malta (Graduated 2012)

Photographic Element"Studying (by distance learning) at the University of Dundee has been a great learning experience. Looking back, I realise that apart from enriching my knowledge and achieving an academic qualification, I learnt that perseverance and determination are the key to success in life".




Dr Nirmalya Deb - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, India (Graduated 2011)

Photographic Element"The MSc in Orthopeadic & Rehabilitation Technology course is must for all aspiring orthopaedic surgeons who would like to add a new dimension to their medical career. The unique feature of the curriculum is that it has extensive coverage beginning from basic mechanics of tissues and bones to hot topics like total knee and hip arthroplasty, which makes it an immensely fascinating course. The salient feature of the course is that it gives a profound understanding of daily orthopaedic problems based on biomechanical principles which further helps the physician to formulate a reasonable and lasting solution. Additionally, the course improves the physician’s comprehension capability and further enhances his analytical power to a great extent which adds to his clinical skills. Consequently you develop a structured approach to complex orthopaedic problems faced in the clinical setting which is highly beneficial in everyday practice. Overall, this course is suitably designed to augment the physician’s clinical acumen and I would recommend the course in highest possible terms".

Irini Patsaki - ICU Physical Therapist, Greece (Graduated 2007)

Photographic Element"I decided to apply for the Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Technology MSc course at Dundee University in an effort to enhance my existing knowledge in orthopaedic science and especially in the field of biomechanics, whilst still remaining in work. It really is worth the time and money spent.

Now, while working in the ICU in the General Hospital of Athens, I have better knowledge of rehabilitation principles of acute injury than my colleagues. The course was also the beginning for pursuing an academic career and I am now finishing my PhD. I want to thank once again my professors at the Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery".