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Distance Learning

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Why should I study by Distance Learning?

The really big advantage of distance learning is its flexibility. It enables those in full-time employment to gain recognised professional qualifications without having to take a career break. Studying by distance learning means that you study at a distance from your tutor and your fellow students. We aim to ensure that this distance is only physical, and support contact between you and your fellow students and also with your tutor. Distance learning allows you to learn at your own pace, using specially designed materials, at times which fit best into your daily routine. Our programmes are particularly suitable for healthcare professionals and others who are unable to take time off work for full-time study but wish to enhance their career prospects and professional development. Employers are usually very supportive of staff that demonstrate their motivation and ambition in this way and may even offer to contribute towards fees. Distance learning course fees are usually significantly less than fees for full-time in-house courses.

The advantages of the distance learning approach:

  • Set your own pace for study and set your own deadlines
  • Start and finish at any time within the timescale given
  • Study wherever it suits you best and when it is most convenient
  • Study without leaving your current employment
  • Regularly check your own progress
  • Take responsibility for directing your own learning
  • Choose when to contact your tutor when you require support
  • Course fees are significantly lower than for conventional courses