Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

What our graduates are saying about this course

Sarah Carter - Lecturer (2012-13 intake) Australia

Photographic Element"When I was in Australia I planned on doing some form of Masters programme somewhere so when looking on line I discovered that this course in Dundee was available and I was really impressed with the learning materials and the structure of the course and the ability to be able to work at your own pace with yourself doing most of the coursework. The knowledge that I’ve gained in Dundee has helped me enormously in my career and i’ve recently just got a job at the University of Western Australia as a lecturer. The knowledge I gained doing the MSc in Motion Analysis has enabled me to apply and get the position at this University but it has also given me the skills to decide on actually extending and doing further study and tackling my PhD.

The Project was lots of fun. I did it on Highland Dancing so it really got me involved in the Scottish culture so I was able to attend lots of Highland Games and to see a lot of Scottish dancers and participate in some of it as well. It definitely gave me more of the Scottish cultural experience while studying over here choosing that particular topic. Originally I wanted to do something on dance and Highland Dancing was something that I thought was an opportunity I couldn’t miss while being in this country.

The student life at Dundee is great. The social side of Dundee is definitely one of the good aspects of the University. They have one of the biggest and popular student unions which provide a lot of support, a lot of social events and definitely you can get involved in the sporting teams. I played for the water polo team and this enabled me to travel around Scotland and different Universities and was also a great way of meeting other people as well. I enjoyed the whole experience and it’s definitely one of the most memorable experiences that I’ve had during my whole academic career, or academic life so far. I will always treasure the times I spent in Dundee and the people that I worked with. It was definitely most rewarding."