Aims of the Programme

Aims of the Programme

Aims of the Programme

On successful completion of this MRes in Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation course, you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Expert advice on the roles of physical activity and sports exercise in rehabilitation.

  • The requirement for ongoing continuing education of sport and exercise medicine physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, therapists and athletes.

  • The means and techniques that can ensure athletes and sports people can perform to their maximum capacity whilst limiting the injury process.

  • The ability to use their skills and knowledge to successfully increase their level of integration of sport, biomechanics, exercise medicine and rehabilitation within their respective professions and disciplines.

  • The skills and knowledge to undertake and deliver on a substantive research project in their known subject and specialty. Thus achieving not only the new insights and learning but also the foundations of further higher study for a higher research degree and study.