PhD Research Opportunities

PhD Research Opportunities

A PhD research degree offers you the opportunity to spend an extended period working on an advanced topic

Here at the University Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery (UDOTS) we have a long tradition in supervising postgraduate research leading to PhD research degrees in a wide-ranging choice of subject matters. We can achieve this by using our state-of-the-art motion and gait analysis laboratories, the impressive 32 meter sports laboratory, the sub-specialties within the TORT Centre and collaboration with other University of Dundee Schools and the NHS.

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PhD candidates get the opportunity to present their research at conferences around the world.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with us please take a look over the list below of previous PhDs carried out within the department since 2006. Please feel free to email UDOTS Director, Mr Arpit Jariwala  to discuss your area of interest.

(1) An investigation of the effects of plantar foot pressures on the microcirculation of the foot in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (full-time in collaboration with Queen Margaret University) - Santos D (self-funded), completed September 2006 (Supervisors: Carline T, Abboud RJ)

(2) Changes in EMG of the lower limb and plantar foot pressure measurement using proprioceptive-cortical MBT-training in healthy and type 1 diabetic patients (part-time) - Matzler M (self-funded), completed May 2009 (Supervisor: Abboud RJ)

(3) An investigation of the flow and penetration properties of polymethyl-methacrylate bone cement when subject to mechanical vibration (full-time) - Talih S (self-funded), completed May 2009 (Supervisors: Drew TS, Abboud RJ)

(4) Examination of the impact of altering the osteotomy retroversion angle in humeral head arthroplasty on glenohumeral joint biomechanics (part-time along with MBChB) - Harold F (self-funded), completed April 2010 (Supervisors: Wigderowitz CA, Abboud RJ)

(5) Biomechanical evaluation and modelling of orthotic treatment in patients with foot valgus deformity - Black M (self-funded), completed May 2010 (Supervisor: Abboud RJ)

(6) Three-dimensional, vertical plus shear, pressure measurement system for clinical use (part-time) - Arnold GP (member of staff), completed July 2010 (Supervisor: Abboud RJ)

(7) Biomechanical assessment using plantar pressure analysis and electromyography (EMG) for the prevention of ulceration in diabetic patients (full-time) - Rajput B (EPSRC funded), completed August 2010 (Supervisor: Abboud RJ)

(8) The design of a dynamic 3D CAD foot system for orthosis/footwear treatment of foot disorders (full-time) - Tabet A (self-funded), completed September 2010 (Supervisor: Abboud RJ, Trucco E)

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World renowned lab facilities will be at your disposal at UDOTS.

(9) The design of a system to assess proprioception and muscle reaction during walking: an insight towards the design of a clever shoe (full-time) - Dahrouj A (self-funded), completed September 2011 (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Drew TS)

(10) Three dimensional gait analysis of patients with hip osteoarthritis managed by hip surgeries (full-time) – Wasim Raza S (self-funded) completed October 2013 (Supervisors: Wang W, Nassif M, Abboud RJ)

(11) The effect of pressure on microvascular function in the diabetic foot (part-time) - Flynn L (self-funded) completed January 2014 (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Khan F)

(12) The effect of intensive sports training on the growth plate and subsequent development of long bones (full-time) - Stephen A (collaborative project with CAHID, ISE and Rangers Football Club), completed January 2014 (Supervisors: Black S, Abboud RJ)

(13) The efficacy of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) when it is applied on a specific acupuncture points on a patient with osteoarthritis of the knee (full-time) - Al-Rashoud A (self-funded) completed September 2014 (Supervisors: Wigderowitz CA, Abboud RJ)

(14) Understanding and preventing neck injury in rugby players (full-time) (1st September 2010- 31st August 2011), part-time along with MBChB (1st September 2011 -present) - Kuster D (self-funded, ongoing) (Supervisors: Drew TS, Abboud RJ)

(15) Healing bone fractures using gene therapy and dynamic strength analysis of the healed bones (full-time) - Guo Q (collaborative project with Shanxi University in China) completed November 2015 (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ)

(16) Ground reaction forces and control of centre of mass motion during gait: implications for intervention in cerebral palsy gait (part time) – Gibbs S (member of staff) completed January 2015 (Supervisors: Wang W, Meadows B, Arnold GP)

(17) Assessment of the impact of loading pressure on endothelial function in diabetic foot (full-time) - Edris R (self-funded, ongoing) (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Khan F)

(18) Diagnosis of hallux valgus using foot pressure measurement platforms as an alternative for radiographic assessment (full-time) - Alzahrani R (Saudi government-funded, in collaboration with CAHID, ongoing) (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Wilkinson T (CAHID), Harrold F)

(19) Clinical gait analysis of patients with cerebral palsy using musculoskeletal computer modelling techniques (full time) – Al Khashram NA (Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau, on-going) (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Wang W)

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PhD candidates experiencing the pride and joy of Graduation Day!