Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

What our PhD candidates are saying about us

Dr Abdullah Al Rashoud (2014 Graduate) - Saudi Arabia

Senior Physiotherapist & Educational Coordinator (Physiotherapy Department, Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Photographic Element"Doing a PhD was the most difficult academic task I have accomplished. From the first moment I arrived in Dundee I never regretted my decision to study a PhD at the TORT Centre. Dundee is a wonderful city and the warm welcome I experienced was only one example of a very open-minded, enjoyable atmosphere in the department. Being able to attend working groups, lectures, seminars, conferences and share ideas with my supervisors and colleagues, not only kept me up to date with current trends in my specialty, but made me feel part of a group of highly motivated people, which in turn made me strive to work harder in order to reach my goals in a similar way. My supervisors, Professor Rami Abboud and Mr Carlos Wigderowitz, the academic staff and other postgraduate students were extremely friendly and were always eager to help and advise. As a result, my research has been published in the journal 'Physiotherapy' and attracted international media attention. I also had the opportunity to present my research at internal and external seminars and conferences. The TORT Centre is a great place to conduct healthcare applied research and I was so pleased with the experience gained that made me extremely well-equipped with the necessary knowledge that has enabled me to attain a prominent position within my work when I returned to Saudi Arabia."

Dr Lynne Marie Flynn (2014 Graduate) - United Kingdom

Head of Division (Division of Dietetics, Nutrition, Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry & Radiography, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK)

Photographic Element"Successfully completing a PhD has been without doubt one of the highlights of my career, with the experience from start to completion in the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research being extremely positive. As well as having the privilege of working with a supervisory team who are renowned experts in their field (Professor Rami Abboud, Dr Faisel Khan and Dr Graham Arnold), the whole team in the department display genuine interest and enthusiasm for students’ work, and provide a supportive network which is second-to-none. The strong emphasis on research and the collegiate relationship engendered between staff and students means that from the development of ideas through to the execution of a research project, the process is thought provoking as well as encouraging the development of independence of the researcher. Once concepts have been generated the first class facilities to develop them into research tools are readily available and fully supported by the excellent technical expertise on offer.

On a more personal level the team really does go out of their way to make this a great experience and offer a warm welcome to all students. The process of completing a PhD can be perceived as difficult, for me it has been challenging, but genuinely an excellent experience which I will never forget and one which was made so much easier by the support and encouragement offered to me by the entire team".

Dr Ashley Elizabeth Stephen (2014 Graduate) - United Kingdom

Assistant Professor (Department of Anatomy, Ross University School of Medicine, Commonwealth of Dominica)

Photographic ElementAttaining a PhD under the eminent expertise of Professor Rami Abboud (Institute of Motion Analysis & Research) and Professor Dame Sue Black (Centre of Anatomy and Human Identification) at the University of Dundee has truly been a life changing experience. Although embarking on the academic path of a PhD can initially be a little daunting, I instantly felt welcomed and inspired by the teams within both departments. The friendships I made with other postgraduate students and individuals within the academic community was a huge part of what made my time unforgettable as this amiable atmosphere created an environment conducive to active learning by motivating researchers to step outside their comfort zones to achieve meaningful results.

The gait analysis laboratory and facilities available at IMAR are out of this world and what makes it even more impressive is that the technology and software always remains up-to-date and at the forefront of scientific development. The support and guidance from the staff really helps push the boundaries with regard to quality research opportunities. In my experience, the myriad connections and networking which stemmed from Dundee was invaluable; being able to work and collaborate with individuals from the Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE), Medical Physics, Radiology, Tayside Clinical Research Centre as well as a top Scottish football team, Rangers FC, shaped my professional and personal development and was instrumental in allowing me to present at international conventions. The journey of discovery is never-ending and I am extremely privileged to have such strong links with the University of Dundee. I do not think I fully appreciated how renowned and far reaching the University’s impact has on the scientific community until I left Scotland to take up a lecturing position in the Caribbean; even on a remote island, I regularly hear individuals discussing news that has originated from the University of Dundee. The amazing opportunities I had while completing my PhD were once in a lifetime and ultimately IMAR was the perfect setting.

Dr Wasim Raza (2013 Graduate) - Pakistan

Assistant Professor (Department of Biomedical Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan)

Photographic ElementMy university experiences thus far have been amazing. I have learned and experienced so many new things during my stay at the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) at the University of Dundee. IMAR is a very welcoming place, and from the first day, I felt at home there. I have made many new friends from many different backgrounds, including Arabic, Nepalese, Indian, Chinese and local students that have allowed me an insight into their diverse cultures. My supervisors Dr Weijie Wang and Professor Rami Abboud were so cooperative and helpful not only for my research but also for personal matters. These two fatherly figures were always available for help and guidance. In fact they are both my life long inspiration for research and academic activities. I can honestly say my four and a half years at the University of Dundee were the best years of my life.

Dr Ahmad Dahrouj (2012 Graduate) - Lebanon

Research and Development (Novel Medical Electronics, Germany)

Photographic ElementCompleting my PhD at IMAR has left me with a lot of valuable experience and great friends. From the beginning I was made to feel very welcome by the amazing crew at IMAR. Throughout my PhD the multi talented members of staff were there to provide needed help and support allowing my PhD to go smoothly and making it less intimidating; to them I am still very thankful.

IMAR itself is one of the best equipped biomechanincs labs in Europe. Indeed, there were so many times that I saw first-hand conference attendees and academic visitors amazed by all the different equipment. Having all those systems available provided me with a lot of valuable experience and knowledge that is serving me well in my current position at novel GmbH, the world leading company in the field of dynamic load distribution measurment. I have no doubt in my mind that the great reputation of both IMAR and my supervisors Professor Rami Abboud and Dr Tim Drew played a vital role in getting my current job. I am indeed very happy that I had the opportunity to do my PhD at IMAR.

Dr Michael Black (2010 Graduate) - United Kingdom

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist (NHS Tayside, UK)

Photographic ElementMy experience of completing a PhD at the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) was enriching in many ways. The educational experience was varied and comprehensive, giving me the necessary skills to bring my project to life and to articulate my ideas to others. I was also blessed with a supervisor in Professor Rami Abboud whose expert contribution was invaluable to the progress and direction of my work. The technical facilities at IMAR are world class and in Dr Graham Arnold I found a source of technical support which was key to converting the aims of my project into reality. Statistical support through Dr Weijie Wang was also second to none.

Having completed my PhD on a part-time basis I encountered many colleagues over my time at the University all striving to complete their studies. Without doubt their support and the atmosphere of camaraderie played a significant role in motivating and driving me on to complete my project. Graduating with a PhD represented a major achievement in my life and is an experience I will always remember with gratitude to all at the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research.

Dr Ali Thabet (2010 Graduate) - Lebanon

Co-Founder & CTO (Visceral Sense, Lebanon)

Photographic ElementDuring the four years I spent at IMAR, I had the pleasure of being surrounded by great people and fantastic friends. This body of individuals helped me go through the process I'm proudest of in my life, getting my PhD. This PhD journey would not have been possible without the help and support of Professor Rami Abboud and Professor Emanuele Trucco. Their commitment is a true testament of the values of IMAR and the University of Dundee in general. With the help of my supervisors and the opportunities available at the university, I was able to work in the specific areas that interest me, where I combined knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering to look at applications related to Motion Analysis. This unique bridge of medical sciences and engineering would not have been possible anywhere else, and it is today one of the main drives that helps me tackle any problems in my current job. I am forever thankful to the great IMAR team and the University of Dundee for paving the way to my professional success.

The PhD journey was not without its daunting experiences, and downfall moments are inevitable. However, the family feeling one gets from everyone at IMAR was a crucial component that always grounded us and kept all of us going until the end. I will always cherish the moments spent at the office, where the surrounding team was always ready to help no matter what the challenge. A big thank you to the IMAR family for always making me feel like one of your own.

Dr Graham Arnold (2010 Graduate) - United Kingdom

Technical Manager (Institute of Motion Analysis & Research, IMAR, University of Dundee, UK)

Photographic ElementCompleting my PhD at IMAR has been one of the highpoints of my University career here at Dundee. Although the PhD "Development of a tri-axial (vertical and shear) force measurement foot platform" was challenging, the support network available within the department along with the encouragement of Professor Rami Abboud and help from Dr Tim Drew made the whole journey both rewarding and worthwhile. IMAR's world renowned facilities offered everything required to complete my research project at the one location; something few other PhD locations can offer. The ever friendly and helpful staff provide fantastic support without which I truly believe my PhD would not have been completed.

Dr Soha Talih (2009 Graduate) - Lebanon

Research Scientist (Department of Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut / Center for the Study of Tobacco Products [CSTP], Virginia Commonwealth University)

Photographic ElementMy PhD journey was challenging and exciting from the very beginning. My work involved engineering design and manufacturing, testing, modelling, and statistics. The skilled team of professionals at the TORT Center made the journey rich and enjoyable and constantly offered advice and encouragement. My supervisors, Dr Tim Drew and Professor Rami Abboud, were always there to supervise my work and provide feedback while also encouraging me to become an investigator in my own right. Our work was regularly presented at internal seminars at the University where we were offered additional guidance. I also had the opportunity to publish and present my research in international journals and conferences. My positive experience at TORT helped carve my path into an exciting world of multi-disciplinary research.

Dr Derek Santos (2006 Graduate) United Kingdom

Photographic ElementMy first contact with research and education at the University of Dundee was through my PhD in bioengineering, which was jointly supervised between Professor Rami Abboud at the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) and Dr Thomas Carline at Queen Margaret University (QMU) at the Department of Podiatry. Through this PhD, a novel system was developed, validated and utilised to assess the effects of externally applied pressure on skin blood flow. We were able to then test the effects of pressure induced insults to skin blood flow and the recovery physiological response. This was only possible with the expert support of Professor Abboud and his team of specialists and since then this new area of research is ongoing and has been the subject of many ongoing PhD projects. My PhD which was completed in 2006 played an important role in shaping my academic career and progression to a Senior Lecturer at QMU.

The range of internationally recognised experts and quality courses lead by Professor Abboud has grown over the years and I was privileged to act as one of the department’s external examiners between 2013 and 2017. The team provides excellent support and an educationally enriching experience to their students. The facilities, knowledge and experience of the team in their respective areas are perfect for supporting innovative research topics for MSc and BMSc (Hons) dissertations and further development of the project ideas up to PhD. The staff provide high quality teaching and are highly experienced in supporting students and developing their knowledge and skills base in a friendly and collegiate environment. Their assessment methods are varied developing both the confidence and academic skills of their students. Professor Abboud and his team provide a framework for good practice and high standards in medical education reflected through their internationally recognised excellent courses.