Published Papers

Published Papers

Papers published in peer-reviewed journals by MCh (Orth) graduates

[1] Analysis of hand pressure in different crutch lengths and upper-limb movements during crutch walking. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 53C, 59-66 (Oct 2016). Sherif S, Hasan S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

[2] Racquet string tension directly affects force experienced at the elbow: implications for the development of lateral epicondylitis in tennis players. Shoulder & Elbow, Vol. 8 no. 3 184-191 (Jul 2016). Mohandhas BR, Makaram N, Drew TS, Wang W, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ.

[3] How well do contoured superior midshaft clavicle plates fit the clavicle? a cadaveric study. J Shoulder and Elbow Surg, 25(6):954-9 (Jun 2016). Malhas AM, Skarparis YG, Sripada S, Soames RW, Jariwala AC.

[4] Suture repair of simple transverse olecranon fractures and chevron olecranon osteotomy. Tech Hand Up Extrem Surg, 20(1):1-5 (Mar 2016). Das AK, Jariwala A, Watts AC.

[5] Double dislocation of interphalangeal joints accompanied with contralateral shoulder dislocation: a case report. Orthop Surg. 8(1):85-8 (Feb 2016). Raval PR, Jariwala A.

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[6] Outcome analysis of cubital tunnel decompression. Scottish Medical Journal, Vol. 60 no. 3 136-140 (Aug 2015). Jariwala A, Bansal N, Nicol GM, Shelton J, Wigderowitz CA.

[7] A lower limb biomechanical model without using wand-markers for motion analysis during walking and running. Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering, 13(5): 383-390 (May 2015). Ghaffar M, Raza S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

[8] Analysis of hand pressures related to wheelchair rim sizes and upper-limb movement. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 47, 45-52 (May 2015). Kabra C, Jaiswal R, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

[9] Kinematical analysis of the trunk, upper limbs and fingers during minimal access surgery when using an armrest. Ergonomics, 015;58(11):1868-77 (May 2015). Jafri M, Brown S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

[10] Medium term outcomes of primary and revision Coonrad-Morrey total elbow replacement. Indian Journal of Orthopaedics. 49(2):233-8 (Mar 2015). Kiran M, Jariwala A, Wigderowitz C.

[11] Adverse reactions to metal debris in metal-on-polyethylene total hip replacement using a titanium-molybdenum-zirconium-iron alloy stem. J Arthroplasty, 30(2): 227-281 (Feb 2015). Kiran M, Boscainos PJ.

[12] Extraction of incarcerated medial epicondyle from the elbow joint using conventional nerve stimulator: a case reportJ Med Case Rep., 7;8(1):329 (Oct 2014). Dorman S, Sripada, S, Clift BA, Jariwala A.

[13] Internal fixation versus other surgical methods for treating distal radius fractures in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD011212 (Jul 2014). Jariwala AC, Phillips AR, Storey PA, Nuttall D, Watts AC.

[14] The use of bone adhesive for fracture fixation in long bones: a biomechanical study. Frontiers of Biological and Life Sciences, 2(2) p. 29-33 (Jun 2014). Lim JW, Jariwala AC, Wigderowitz CA, Drew TS.

[15] A blinded, randomized, controlled trial assessing conservative management strategies for frozen shoulder. Journal of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, Volume 23, Issue 4, Pages 500-507 (Apr 2014). Russell S, Jariwala AC, Conlon R, Selfe J, Richards J, Walton MJ.

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[16] Sudden severe postoperative dyspnea following shoulder surgery: remember inadvertent phrenic nerve block due to interscalene brachial plexus blockInternational Journal of Shoulder Surgery, Volume 8, Issue 2, P51-54 (Apr 2014). Jariwala AC, Raja PKBC, Coventry DM.

[17] Important anatomical relationships of the posterior interosseous nerve in the distal forearm for surgical planning: a cadaveric study. Journal of Wrist Surgery, 3:60-63 (Feb 2014). Jariwala AC, Krishnan B, Soames R, Wigderowitz CA.

[18] Evaluation of the cementation index as a predictor of failure in Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Arthroplasty. Advances in Orthopedic Surgery, Vol. 2014, 4-pages (2014). Kiran M, Jariwala AC, Wigderowitz CA.

[19] Assessing the variability of injectate distribution following carpal tunnel injection: a cadaveric study. Hand Surgery, 18(3):313-316 (Oct 2013). Jariwala A, Zaliunaite R, Soames R, Wigderowitz CA.

[20] Complications and reoperation rates after revision total knee replacement. Bone and Joint Journal, Vol. 95-b No. Supp 31 (Aug 2013). Singh A, Nicoll D.

[21] Cozen's phenomenon: a reminder. Scottish Medical Journal. Volume 58(3) E10-e13 (Aug 2013). Dorman S, Jariwala A, Campbell D.

[22] Necrotising fasciitis: a review. Orthopaedic & Trauma Times, pp:10-12 (Jul 2013). Allison J, Jariwala A, Thomas S.

[23] Does navigation total knee replacement really make a difference? Journal of Musculoskeletal Research, Vol. 16. No. 2, 1350007, 8 pages (Jun 2013). Motwani P, Jariwala AC, Valentine N.

[24] Surgical technique for management of symptomatic digital clubbing. Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume), vol. 40, no. 4, 419-420 (May 2013). Jariwala A, Murali SR.

[25] Energy consumption during simulated minimal access surgery with and without using an armrest. Surgical Endoscopy, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 971–977 (Mar 2013). Jafri M, Brown S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

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[26] Keller’s arthroplasty in adults with hallux valgus and hallux rigidus. Foot & Ankle Surgery, 18:34-38 (Mar 2012). Putti AB, Pande S, Adam RF, Abboud RJ.

[27] Assessing the accuracy of bone resection by cutting blocks in patient-specific total knee replacements. ISRN Orthopaedics, Volume 12, 509750, 4 pages (2012), Yeo CH, Jariwala A, Pourgiezis N, Pillai A.

[28] Exploring the anatomy of dorsal radiocarpal ligament of the wrist and its ulnar part: a cadaveric study. Hand Surgery, Vol. 17, No. 3, 1-4 (2012). Jariwala A, Khurjekar K, Whiton S, Wigderowitz CA.

[29] The influence of shoe sole's varying thickness on lower limb muscle activityFoot & Ankle Surgery, 17:218-223 (Dec 2011). Ramanathan AK, Parish EJ, Arnold GP, Drew TS, Wang W, Abboud RJ.

[30] Harmful cleats of football boots: a biomechanical evaluation. Foot & Ankle Surgery, 17:140-144 (Sep 2011). Bentley J, Ramanathan AK, Arnold GP, Wang W, Abboud RJ.

[31] Comparison of two actuation systems for laparoscopic surgical manipulators using motion analysis. Surgical Endoscopy, 25, 964-974 (Aug 2011). Kolwadkar Y, Brown S, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

[32] Does the Oxford knee score complement, concur, or contradict the American knee society score? The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 26, Issue 5, Pages 714–720 (Aug 2011). Reddy K, Johnston LR, Wang W, Abboud RJ.

[33] The effect of varying footwear configurations on the peroneus longus muscle function following inversion. The Foot, 21(1):31-36 (Mar 2011). Ramanathan AK, Wallace DT, Arnold GP, Drew TS, Wang W, Abboud RJ.

[34] A method to calculate the centre of the ankle joint: a comparison with the Vicon® Plug-in-gait model. Clinical Biomechanics, 25:582-587 (Jul 2010). Nair SP, Gibbs S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W.

[35] Not all stubbed toes are innocuous: a case rare malignant eccrine spiradenoma of the toe. Foot & Ankle Surgery, e32-e33 (June 2010). Jariwala AC, Evans A, McLeod G.

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[36] Repeatability of the Pedar®-X in-shoe pressure measuring system. Foot & Ankle Surgery, 16(2), pp.70-73 (Jun 2010). Ramanathan AK, Kiran P, Arnold GP, Wang W, Abboud RJ.

[37] Objective assessment of the alterations in wrist mobility with the Fastrak® system following dorsal capsulodesis. Hand Surgery, 15(3):237-41 (2010). Jariwala AC, Scott I, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wigderowitz CA.

[38] Risk of periprosthetic fracture after anterior femoral notching: a nine-year follow-up of 200 Total Knee Arthroplasties. Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, 80(5): 553-556 (Oct 2009). Gujarathi N, Putti AB, Abboud RJ, MacLean JGB, Espley AJ, Kellett CF.

[39] A new scoring system for the evaluation of Clubfoot: the IMAR-Clubfoot ScaleThe Foot, 19:156-160 (Sep 2009). Ramanathan AK, Herd F, MacNicol M, Abboud RJ.

[40] The effects of off-the-shelf in-shoe heel inserts on forefoot plantar pressure. Gait & Posture, 28(4): 533-537 (2008). Ramanathan AK, John MC, Arnold GP, Cochrane LR, Abboud RJ.

[41] Foot pressures in clubfoot: the development of an objective assessment tool. The Foot, 18:99-105 (Jun 2008). Herd F, Ramanathan AK, Cochrane L, Macnicol M, Abboud RJ.

[42] The Pedar® system: normal in-shoe pressure values during gait. Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 23, Issue 5, pp: 688 (Jun 2008). Putti AB, Arnold GP, Cochrane LA, Drew TS, Abboud RJ.

[43] Locked posterior dislocation of the shoulder with communition of the lesser tuberosity: a stabilisation technique. European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, 18:377-379 (Apr 2008). Jariwala AC, Haines S, McLeod G.

[44] Isolation of 5-hydroxytyptamine from the venom of the Indian red scorpion (Mesobuthus Tamulus). The Open Toxinology Journal, 1:5-8 (2008). Tiwari AK, Mandal MB, Kanoo S, Alex AB, Jariwala AC, Deshpande SB.

[45] Off-the-shelf in-shoe heel inserts: does cost matter? British Journal of Sports Medicine, 42:750-752 (2008). Ramanathan AK, John MC, Arnold GP, Cochrane LA, Abboud RJ.

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[46] Press-fit ceramic implant arthroplasty of the hallux metatarsophalangeal joint: evaluation of outcomes. The Foot, 18:34-39 (2008). Ramanathan AK, Fadel GE, Jain AS, Abboud RJ.

[47] Adapting the Fastrak® system for three-dimensional measurement of the wrist motion for clinical use. The Journal of Hand Surgery, 32(6):700-4 (Dec 2007). Wigderowitz CA, Scott I, Jariwala AC, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ.

[48] Normal pressure values and repeatability of the Emed®-st4 system. Gait & Posture, 27(3):501-505 (Apr 2007). Putti AB, Arnold GP, Cochrane LA, Abboud RJ.

[49] The Pedar® in-shoe pressure system: repeatability and normal pressure values. Gait & Posture, 25: 401-405 (Mar 2007). Putti AB, Arnold GP, Cochrane L, Abboud RJ.

[50] Safety of orthopaedic implants in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): an experimental verification. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 24(9): 1799-1802 (Sep 2006). Kumar R, Gandy S, Clift BA, Lerski RA, Abboud RJ.

[51] Dorsal capsulodesis for scapholunate instability: effect on patient disability and wrist pain. The Journal of Hand Surgery, 31B, 3:311-316 (Jun 2006). Konduru RS, Scott I, Mehdi R, Dent JA, Abboud RJ, Wigderowitz CA.

[52] Three-dimensional measurement of wrist movement: adaptation and calibration of the Fastrak® system. Journal of Biomechanics, Volume 39, Suppl. 1, Page S79 (2006). Scott I, Arnold GP, Jariwala A, Cochrane L, Wigderowitz CA, Abboud RJ.

[53] Prescribing a website. Scottish Medical Journal, 50(4):169-71 (Nov 2005). Jariwala AC, Paterson CR, Cochrane L, Abboud RJ, Wigderowitz CA.

[54] Patients and the Internet: a demographic study of a cohort of orthopaedic out-patients. Surgeon, 2(2):103-6 (Apr 2004). Jariwala AC, Kandasamy MS, Abboud RJ, Wigderowitz CA.

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[56] A direct method for quantitative measurement of ankle proprioception. The Foot, 27-30 (Mar 2001). Abboud RJ, Agarwal SK, Rendall GC, Rowley DI.

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