The Institute of Motion Analysis is dedicated to providing the highest quality clinical and research facilities regarding motion assessment. In order to achieve this it is paramount that we have the latest high-specification equipment available to researchers, clinicians and teachers. A detailed alphabetical inventory is available here.

IMAR boasts five major laboratory facilities:

  • Foot Pressure Analysis Laboratory
  • Gait Analysis Laboratory
  • Sports Biomechanics Laboratory
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Disability Research and Assessment Laboratory

IMAR has two fully integrated areas that act as interchangeable motion analysis laboratories providing a clinical service to the NHS as well as supporting a wide range of research and commercial studies. Each laboratory is equipped with the most advanced optical 3D motion capture systems available, multiple force plates, wireless EMG capture systems and a specialised reporting tool to help visualise gait data. Whether it is determining a child’s walking pattern, analysing an athlete’s movements or understanding the ergonomics of a new surgical instrument, IMAR can provide the environment, the expertise, the investigation and the solutions.

Collecting scientific data on a range of equipment from surgical instruments to exercise apparatus is an important element of IMAR’s commitment to research. Only with this factual information, collected in our controlled environment, can real progress be made in understanding the diverse subjects that are studied within the Tayside Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Technology Centre (TORT).