Foot Pressure Analysis Laboratory

Foot Pressure Analysis Laboratory

Our Foot Pressure Laboratory is equipped with a number of foot pressure measurement systems as detailed in the Equipment list. One such system is the GAITRrite® Gold walkway which measures the temporal and spatial gait parameters of gait. This fully portable walkway is encapsulated with pressure sensors that record a number of sequential footfalls. Clinically relevant parameters such as stride length, step length, cadence, toe in/out angle are then calculated and displayed in tabular or graphical forms.

IMAR has a number of pedography platforms used to measure pressure under the foot in both static and dynamic conditions. Combined with synchronised video these instruments provide quick analysis of foot function for both clinics and research purposes. Foam walkways make these instruments fully portable for projects that necessitate off site investigation.

IMAR has a number of Pedar® systems from Novel to provide accurate and reliable pressure measurement and distribution of loading between the foot and the shoe. These mobile wireless systems provide freedom of movement while walking, running, exercising or even riding a bicycle while the dynamic pressure data can be viewed online in real time.

Pressure Distribution

Our Novel Pliance® system uses state of the art technology combined with a large range of flexible sensors to monitor pressure measurement and distribution between almost any two surfaces. Pliance® sensors allow pressure recordings from many diverse applications such as bicycle and horse saddles, equipment handles, gloves, brassieres, wheelchairs, beds and even prostheses.