Clinical Services

Clinical Services

The Department provides a world-class IT infrastructure to support our high-tech analytical equipment, which are primarily used to support our diverse teaching, research and clinical activities.

The extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment allows us the opportunity to collaborate and support businesses and industries.

The in-house expertise has evolved over the years to provide advice and support the needs of staff and students, in-house as well as for remote users (e.g. distance learners) with various technologies such as VPN, Web, Citrix and a development centre for fledgling businesses, audit and research.

The communication is provided by Cisco switches with fibre link to Janet network provided by the University of Dundee. The network infrastructure consists of a combination of 100MB and 1GB switches structured to provide users with maximum speed for intranet as well as internet connections respectively. The department provides wired and wireless internet connections throughout all areas of the TORT Centre for PCs, laptops and all other mobile devices for flexible learning and hospitality for our external faculty and visitors.

There is a mixed environment of Servers with virtualisation, thin client and clustered web services using different technology. These servers are backed up on a daily basis and are carried out with risk mitigation biannually as per our contingency plan.

The Department facilitates two IT Teaching Suites for undergraduate and postgraduate students which run mixed environment of thin client and standard PC. Thin client is configured and published with an extensive range of standard software such as Microsoft Office, SPSS for statistical analysis, Corel and other graphical and scanning software alongside Lab software which are used for analyse of scientific and clinical data. Standard network PCs are installed with engineering, mathematical and analysis package to visualize, manage and simulate student data for clinics and research projects.

There is also a Postgraduate Research Suite, which is primarily used by our research fellows, postgraduate PhD, MD and MSc research students who are using advance computational systems for 3D modelling, simulation, visualisation and management of extensive data using various software such as Vicon, Novel, Matlab, AnSys, Inventor, AutoCAD, Simpleware, LSDyna, Nexus and Anybody.