Clinical Foot Pressure Analysis Services

Clinical Foot Pressure Analysis Services

The Team

Clinical foot pressure analysis is provided by a team of specialists that includes:

  • 1 Professor of Biomechanics
  • 1 Technical Manager
  • 1 Rehabilitation Technician
  • 1 IT developer and Project Support
  • 1 Secretarial support

Clinical Assessment

Clinical assessment forms a very important part of a foot pressure analysis assessment. It is tailored to the patient and the questions posed by the referrer. It typically includes assessment of the whole lower limb biomechanics, measurement of the joint ranges, muscle strength & function; the clinical assessment is then correlated with pressure measurement (barefoot and/or in-shoe) before a recommendation is made for either conservative or surgical outcome. The Clinical Foot Pressure Analysis Service in Dundee is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK and has been in operation since 1993 by Professor Rami Abboud.