Clinical Motion and Sports Analysis Services

Clinical Motion and Sports Analysis Services

The Team

Clinical Motion and Sports analysis is provided by a team of specialists that includes:

  • 1 Professor of Biomechanics
  • 1 Consultant Clinical Scientist
  • 1 Senior Lecturer
  • 1 Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • 1 Technical Manager
  • 1 Rehabilitation Technician
  • 1 IT developer and Project Support
  • 1 Secretarial support

Clinical Assessment

Clinical assessment forms a very important part of a motion and sports analysis assessment. It is tailored to the patient, athlete and the questions posed by the referrer/coach. It typically includes assessment of the relevant limb or full body biomechanics, measurement of the joint ranges, muscle strength & function; the clinical assessment is then correlated with the relevant motion measurement from the extensive list of high tech equipment (hyperlink) equipment at IMAR before a recommendation is made for alleviating pain and/or enhancing performance. The Clinical Motion and Sports Services in Dundee have been in operation since 2003 and 2007 respectively and are led by Professor Rami Abboud and Mrs Sheila Gibbs.