Clinical Audit Services

Clinical Audit Services

Clinical Audit and Research Services is based in the Tayside Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School.

Our core function is to work in partnership with various external organisations to manage major long-term outcome studies. We are also responsible for co-ordinating associated research projects and provide data in support of these. The University team is supported by nurses in various hospitals locally and by a team of co-ordinators throughout the UK and worldwide.

We have a reputable portfolio of Audit and Research activity:

  • 10 years experience coordinating and managing global medical device outcome studies
  • 10 years experience as clinical co-ordinator of the largest UK multicentre randomised knee arthroplasty trial (KAT) in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen and Oxford University
  • Establishment, management and coordination of the Tayside Arthroplasty Audit Group and supporting services
  • Management and data processing for the Tayside Smoking Cessation programme 
  • Design of bespoke database driven web applications, e.g. Tayside Asthma and Allergy Group patient management and selection system
  • Project coordination and data processing for the Arthritis and Quality of Life study in collaboration with the Universities of Stirling, Aberdeen and Bristol.

The University Team

Supported Locally

  • Diana Arnold (Ninewells Hospital)
  • Jennifer Scott (Ninewells Hospital)
  • Sarah Keogh (Stracathro Hospital)
  • Caroline McCabe (Perth Royal Infirmary)
  • Lorna O’Donnell (Perth Royal Infirmary)

For further information please email Linda Johnston or write to Clinical Audit and Research Services, Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, TORT Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, University of Dundee DD1 9SY, United Kingdom. Telephone: 01382 383512. Fax: 01382 383501.

What We Can Do

  • Study coordination for multiple centres
  • Case report form design
  • Database design, administration and data transformation
  • Web based data input and reporting applications programming
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Data entry and validation of paper forms
  • Statistical analysis
  • Presentations for conferences
  • Assistance with publications
  • Training and documentation for all systems

How We Do It

Clinical Audit Services Manager (over ten years experience in co-ordinating multi-centre studies, UK and Global):

  • Choosing the best tool to achieve the desired outcome
  • Planning and designing the tool, questionnaire and protocol
  • Ethics application
  • Recruitment of centres and patients
  • Training each centre to collate information as per the protocol
  • Coordination of studies and centres
  • Service contact
  • Presenting results, reports and feedback
  • Ensuring Good Clinical Practice regulations are adhered to
  • Sourcing statistical support

Clinical Audit Services Manager Committee Membership

  • Tayside Research Nurse Committee
  • Scottish Research Nurse and Coordinators Network
  • Dundee University Data Management and Biostatistics Committee
  • Tayside Clinical Governance Subcommittee
  • Scottish Surgical Profile Design Group

Systems Developer (over ten years experience in database administration, applications programming and data management)

  • SQL Server database design and administration
  • Visual Studio web and Windows application development
  • Transact SQL database query design
  • Crystal Reports interactive query tools
  • MS Access database programming

Audit Assistants (over ten years experience in data processing, management and quality control)

  • Paper form data entry and validation
  • Web based data entry
  • Distribution and processing of postal questionnaires, at required timescales, for multi-centre studies

IT Systems Administrator (ten years experience managing project support systems)

  • Website hosting
  • Windows and web server management and maintenance
  • Data backup and risk management