The TORT bench mark!

You may be wondering why we have highlighted an old and rather insignificant park bench. Over the duration of your studies you will most likely have walked passed this bench on many occasions perhaps even sitting and resting on it without giving it a second glance. If you look carefully at the photograph however you may eventually recognise it as the bench situated on the grassy hill directly in front of the TORT Centre main entrance. This is where you as a student should aspire to be sitting on or standing beside come May. You see this is where the Department has traditionally taken the official class photographs since the year 2000, Scottish weather permitting of course. We proudly like to think of it as our graduation bench. A great ‘seat’ of learning so to speak!

The atmospheric photograph you see was taken in 2014 by Dr Paras Gupta before he knew of its significance to the MCh (Orth) and BMSc courses run at TORT. It was an autumn evening and he had not long commenced his MCh (Orth) studies and liked the hues and the composition of the scene. A copy of it now hangs on a wall outside the main office on Level 6 next to Professor Abboud’s office.

All of us here at the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery sincerely hope that you will personally get the opportunity of having your photograph taken beside it and perhaps come to think of it as your bench also.