TORT @ Abertay

Professor Rami Abboud, Dr Graham Arnold and Mr Sadiq Nasir from the TORT Centre were invited by Mr Adam Hawkey, Academic Curriculum Manager at Abertay Universitie's School of Social and Health Sciences (SSHS) to participate at Abertay’s Careers Day on Tuesday 20th October. The purpose of the invitation was to further enhance the collaborative work between SSHS, TORT and IMAR under the SPORT initiative that is currently being finalised between Professor Abboud and Mr Hawkey.

The Abertay Sports and Exercise Science students were welcomed to the TORT stand where the team introduced them to some of the biomechanical systems that are used at IMAR for research and clinical services. Those who attended Professor Abboud lecture on 25th February 2015 had the opportunity to see for the 1st time the array of equipment that he presented in the treatment of athletes and challenging orthopaedic cases. There was an excellent response from the students and many registered their names for research placements as a taster for possibly embarking on our MRes in Sports Biomechanics which is due to start in September 2016.

Photographic Element

Left: Professor Abboud and Dr Arnold at Abertay Careers Day; Right: Dr Arnold showing some of the technical equpment available at IMAR

Photographic Images

Mr Adam Hawkey (far left) engaging with students