25 Years Service!

Mr Ian Christie, Postgraduate Skills Tutor at the TORT Centre, passed a milestone of 25 years continuous employment at the University of Dundee today, 19/11/2015.

Ian initially trained and worked as a greeting card artist for five years with Andrew Valentine Ltd., in Dundee. After deciding to retrain he has now been employed by the University of Dundee since 1990 where he began as Desktop Publisher designing and maintaining learning materials for the School of Biomedical Engineering at the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery. Over the years his job has evolved to its current state where Ian lectures to and supports postgraduate, undergraduate students and staff on how to present their research in the form of oral presentations, scientific poster design, effectively structuring their dissertation and how to use images effectively and accurately. He also provides high quality electronic illustrations for research, educational and publication purposes and an editorial service for all proposed publications.

Ian has designed close to 150 scientific posters that have been successfully presented at conferences worldwide, several of which have won best poster awards. He has also produced over 4000 illustrations and graphics widely used in learning materials and published papers across several specialities including medical illustration, orthopaedics and sports science. Ian also project managed the development of the department's current website.

I was a first year PhD student when Ian joined the department in 1990. I had no interaction with Ian until the late nineties when the School of Biomedical Engineering shut down and the Distance Learning Unit relocated in 1998 to the Orthopaedic Department at the Royal Infirmary. It was then when our professional relationship started and it did not take me long to find in Ian a hardworking, trusted, clever and dedicated loyal member of staff whom I am proud to call a friend. Ian has proved himself to be a key member of staff of a small but dedicated team at the TORT Centre that is always punching above its weight. I am grateful to him for all the help he has so far afforded me, the department and the university and I am fully confident that the best is yet to come! Thanks Ian for the past contribution and I am looking forward for the next 10 years at least!” stated Professor Abboud, Head of the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery.

Photographic Element

Left: Ian in 1994 at Biomedical Engineering; Right: more recently at TORT

Ian stated: “I’ve seen so many changes at the University over the last 25 years, thankfully most of them positive. For a start when I first began working for the University everything was DOS-based and I had the unenviable task of designing a newsletter by typing commands at a (blinking) prompt?! Windows were something your mum cleaned once a week! I’ve worked for and alongside many talented and inspirational people such as Professor Rami Abboud, Professor David Rowley, Mrs Jean Keighren and Professor Eric Abel. I would particularly like to thank Professor Abboud who has given me the opportunity and encouragement to progress to the position I am currently in and for challenging me academically. It is warmly appreciated.”

In his spare time Ian likes to paint in all mediums and in the past he has been lucky enough to have designed the official Glastonbury Festival t-shirts of 2002 and 2004 . He has also designed many logos for different groups and companies. More recent projects include completing cover illustrations for three children’s books and advertising leaflets for the TPG courses at the Medical School.