IASMCON 2016 - 37th Annual Conference

Professor Rami Abboud represented the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery and the University of Dundee when he was invited to present two lectures, conduct a workshop on Sports Biomechanics, and chair and judge one of the sessions for the best scientific paper at this year’s Indian Association of Sports Medicine Conference (IASMCON).

IASMCON 2016 was the association’s 37th annual conference and was held in Chennai on 5-7th February. Professor Abboud shared his vast knowledge of biomechanics in sport to an audience consisting of international, national faculty, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, coaches, exercise physiologist and sports medicine students. Professor Abboud’s talk was thoroughly enjoyed and extremely-received whilst also stirring up some controversy and discussion with the multidisciplinary audience.

During his trip to India Professor Abboud witnessed a previous MCh (Orth) Dundee graduate from 2003, Dr Parag Sancheti, being invested as the new President of the Indian Association of Sports Medicine.

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Left: Dr Parag Sancheti's investiture as the President of IASM; Right: Professor Abboud presenting one of his two lectures.

Professor Abboud and Mr Sadiq Nasir from the TORT Centre also met many other graduates residing in and around Chennai:

Dr Arun Ramanthan worked within the Department for 10 years after completing his MCh (2005) and MD by Research (2015) with us. Dr Jaheer Hussein (MCh 2004) who now successfully runs his own hospital which is the only hospital in Southern India using stem cell treatment. Dr Karthik Kailash (MCh (1997) is an eminent Spinal Surgeon and Head of Spinal Surgery Department at Sri Ramachandra Medical School and Hospital. Dr Karthi Sunder Vellaiputhiyavan (MCh 2011) is a respected Arthroscopy Surgeon in the area. Dr Sumeet Lakhvir (MSc in Sports and Biomechanical Medicine, 2014), Wing Commander Indian Air Force. Dr Badri Mohandas (MCh 2012) who runs his own hospital and drove 750km just to meet with Professor Abboud.

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Left: The University of Dundee stand; Right: Meeting old friends.

Mr Nasir manned the University of Dundee stand providing information on the postgraduate courses run by School of Medicine and the University in general. The stand was extremely busy with many enquiries on our facilities and the courses run at the University and the School of Medicine.

Professor Abboud stated: “This was a quick, tiring but successful weekend trip to Chennai with Sadiq Nasir lecturing at IASMCON and promoting the University of Dundee. Meeting seven of our Alumni and hearing about their successes was very heartening and witnessing one of them taking over the presidency of the IASM filled me with great pride and joy. Dr Badri Mohandas drove 750km to see us which is equally heartening. The local graduates took time and joined us for an alumni dinner discussing their successes and the recent advances on the course. I am proud to say that I have an extended family of graduates across India that I am extremely proud of.”

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