SSC Students Tour of TORT Centre

The Institute of Motion Analysis & Research at the TORT Centre welcomed the seven medical students that are undertaking the SSC in Care of Patients with Learning Disabilities. They were shown around the sports and motion analysis laboratory facilities today (24th February 2016). The visit was arranged by Mr Paul Christie (Simulated Patient Trainer) at the Clinical Skills Centre to enlighten their students about what goes on within these walls so to speak and on the collaborative work that is undertaken between both centres.

Dr Graham Arnold (IMAR Technical Manager), Mr Sadiq Nasir (Project Support) and Mr Calum MacDonald (Lab Support) showed the students some of the instrumentation and diverse research carried out within the institute. IMAR operates Foot Pressure and Gait Analysis clinics as well as conducting research into such areas as ‘the effects of antibiotics mixed with bone cement’, ‘muscle activity during exercise and rehabilitation’, ‘endothelial function of the diabetic foot’, ‘sports biomechanics’, and has two fully equipped 3D motion capture facilities as used in the CGI film industry.

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Left: Dr Graham Arnold talking with SSC students; Right: Blair Wallace (BMSc student) explaining his current research into dinghy hiking at the TORT Centre

One student explained that she walked past the TORT Centre every day and always wondered “what goes on in there?!" Well you’ll probably be amazed to discover that there is a 32 meter walk/run way, a F1 driver’s seat, a full-sized table tennis table, a whole car (for safe RTA extrication research), a golf simulator, and a fully functional climbing wall in-situ in the labs, as well as a fully-equipped gym! And, those are just a few of the hidden treasures you probably didn’t know are available in the TORT Centre. This annual SSC tour aimed to highlight the cutting edge research projects currently being carried out by this year’s intakes of students on several different courses run at TORT.

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SSC students testing out the climbing wall and the Segway vehicle at TORT

Dr Arnold stated: “It’s always a pleasure showing visitors around the place so it was great fun showing these 3rd year medical students around the facilities here at the TORT Centre. They seemed impressed with the cutting-edge equipment and at the scope and possibilities that the facility offers in terms of clinical and research-based studies. I hope what we have shown them today makes a few consider doing an intercalated BMSc with us next year”.

If you would like a group tour of the TORT Centre facilities and the research possibilities it offers please feel free to email Dr Graham Arnold to see what can be arranged.

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