TORT Centre Gallery

The TORT Centre at the School of Medicine currently resembles an art gallery due to the displaying of scientific research posters.

Thirty-one posters by students studying on the Master of Orthopaedic Surgery (MCh Orth) and the Intercalated BMSc in Applied Orthopaedic Technology courses are available for viewing at Level 6, TORT Centre. Please feel free to visit and learn about the varied and innovative research topics that have been carried out by this year’s intake of students. Posters will be available for viewing until 27th May.

Photographic Element

The designing and completion of a scientific poster is an extra skill that all our students are taught as an integral element of their studies which will aid them in presenting their research at conferences and symposiums in the future. The extensive lab facilities and cutting-edge equipment combined with staff expertise allows us the opportunity to give students such varied research study topics here at the TORT Centre” stated Professor Rami Abboud, Head of Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery.

Full list of research poster titles:

  1. A biomechanical assessment of curling deliveries: Is toe sliding more likely to cause knee injury than flat-foot sliding?
  2. A comparative study of cruciate retaining versus posterior stabilised total knee arthroplasty in osteoarthritis
  3. A comparison of muscle strengthening regimes on neck strength and muscle activation during scrummaging in rugby
  4. A meta-analysis on comparison of revision risks between total hip replacement and hip resurfacing within the similar age groups
  5. A meta-analysis on comparison of risks between Charnley and Exeter implant groups in total hip replacement
  6. A multivariable statistical comparison of the total hip replacement and hip resurfacing regarding revision and associated variables
  7. Analysis of the relationships between brain electrical activity and fundamental muscle activities and their implication in rehabilitation
  8. Analysis of the relationships between brain electrical activity and gait pattern and implication in rehabilitation
  9. Assessment of talipes equino varus treated by Ponseti technique: phase IX
  10. Biomechanical evaluation of the Resqroll in road traffic collisions
  11. Comparison of kinematics in gait analysis in Total and Hemi knee replacement surgery
  12. Comparison of kinetics in gait analysis of successful total and hemi knee replacement
  13. Comparison of mobile typing manners between the hardware and touch screen keyboards
  14. Comparison study of short term results of biolox delta ceramic on ceramic and metal on polyethylene hybrid total hip replacements
  15. Development and evaluation of rugby headgear to bring about reduction in concussion incidence
  16. Development and testing of low cost AFO using 3D printer
  17. Do neck collars work? A kinematic evaluation of c-spine immobilisation devices
  18. Does vibration assist the diabetic foot to avoid ulceration?
  19. Establishing state of motion through two-dimensional footprint analysis: a pilot study
  20. Footprints: can they be accurate in identifying criminals?
  21. Gait efficiency in healthy individuals while treadmill running in different classes of running shoes
  22. Impact of footwear on posture and back injury in barbell back squats
  23. Investigation into the effect of ankle braces on range of motion and peroneus longus activity
  24. Is there a link between abdominal endurance and lumbar spine posture whilst ‘hiking’ during simulated dinghy sailing?
  25. Outcomes of collarless polished tapered cemented stems in primary hip arthroplasty
  26. The barbell back squat: how does footwear affect lower body kinematics and muscle activation?
  27. The collection and analysis of barefoot plantar pressure data in elite youth football players
  28. The effect of yoga on balance and gait of children with cerebral palsy: a pilot study
  29. The impact of tennis racket string vibration dampers on shock transmission and the prevention of injuries to the wrist and elbow joints
  30. The influence of saddle height on pedalling dynamics during cycling
  31. Validation of novel osteotomy device for humerus in shoulder arthroplasty