Science without Borders initiative frozen

It is with regret that the TORT Centre will not be accepting any new applicants for the forthcoming year for the Science without Borders (SwB - Ciência sem Fronteiras UK) initiative as it has been ‘frozen’ by the Brazilian Government who will offer no new undergraduate scholarships as the proposed budget can only cover PhD student exchanges, which we at the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery will be only too happy to accept as per SwB regulations.

SwB was a Brazilian Government scholarship programme which aimed to send 101,000 Brazilian students on undergraduate sandwich courses, PhD sandwich courses and full PhDs to study in science, technology, engineering mathematics and creative industries at top universities around the world.

The Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery of the Medical School was the first to accept medical students in the UK via the SwB scheme. The original intention of the project was just to give the students an experience different to that of which they may have received in Brazil but they showed such outstanding achievement that Professor Rami Abboud progressed them on to the TORT Centre’s BMSc degree programme in Applied Orthopaedic Technology in 2014/15 and then additionally to International Health in 2015/16.

"We felt strongly that this was a valuable exercise to the extent that not only were we the only Medical School in the UK to accept medical students but we were the only department within our medical school to embrace this initiative", said Professor Abboud. "We have been fortunate to have had 17 Brazilian undergraduate medical students at TORT over the past three years and we hope that not only did we provide them with our expertise in orthopaedics, biomechanics, sports medicine and motion analysis but also to ultimately rewarded successful students by awarding them a relevant honours degree. We have all made friendships with these students and we look forward to following their future careers with great pride".

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