IMAR Contributing to Clinical Research Centre (CRC) Public Open Day

The Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) was invited to contribute to the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) Public Open Day on Monday 20th May 2013 to present the latest technology available at its facilities in helping improve patients’ quality of life and for athletes to enhance performance.

IMAR setup a temporary complete mini-lab of three-dimensional (3D) motion capture and in-shoe/barefoot pressure facility at CRC, showing visitors the fascinating advanced technology and how it can be used to record ‘hidden’, split-second information that the naked eye cannot catch. This data can help to optimise treatment modalities investigating partial or full biomechanical investigation using full body motion analysis for injury prevention and alleviation of disability.

3D motion and foot pressure capture systems have been a reliable tool for clinical assessment for over three decades assisting surgical planning as well as conservative treatment in the design of specialised insoles and footwear. More recently, this equipment has been used by the entertainment industry to create characters such as Golem in Lord of the Rings (2001), and others in The Polar Express (2004), Beowulf (2007), and most recently in Avatar (2009).

The feedback received from the visitors during the day was exceptionally positive and was further complimented by the event organiser, Karen Richardson, who in her email indicated “I would just like to say a huge thank-you for helping make Monday’s open day a great success. You were all fantastic. The amount of preparation, effort and enthusiasm that everyone put into the day was amazing and resulted in an exceptionally well presented event that was a real showcase for our work, facilities and talents. I spoke with many visitors personally and without exception they were all very impressed with the wide variety of displays, activities and talks, finding them both interesting and enjoyable.”