Gold and Bronze for IMAR PhD students

Three PhD students from the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery presented their research at this year’s School of Medicine Postgraduate Research Student Symposium that took place on Wednesday 15th June 2016 in the Dalhousie Building.

Dr David W Meek hosted this year’s Symposium which gave students the opportunity to present their research, develop their presentation skills, and learn more about other areas of research and network with students and supervisors within the School of Medicine.

Two of our PhD students won awards for their scientific poster presentations:

Raed Alzahrani (Supervisors: Professor RJ Abboud, Professor T Wilkinson, Mr F Harrold) won first prize for non-lab based research entitled “Comparison of Plantar Pressure Distribution between Hallux Valgus and Normal Feet Using Foot Pressure Platform”, and Rania Edris (Supervisors: Professor RJ Abboud, Dr F Khan) won third prize for her non-lab based research on “Assessment of the Impact of Loading Pressure on Endothelial Function in Diabetic Foot”.

Another PhD student from TORT, Nawaf Al Khashram, gave an oral podium presentation on his research topic “Clinical Gait Analysis for Patients with Cerebral Palsy using Musculoskeletal Computer Modelling Techniques”, (Supervisors Dr W Wang. Dr GP Arnold from the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research at the TORT Centre).

Photographic Elements

Left: Rania with her award winning poster; Right:Nawaf and Raed at symposium.

Professor Rami Abboud, who is principal supervisor on both studies stated: “Only two of our PhD students presented posters at the symposium so for both of them to gain awards is a fantastic achievement for Raed, Rania and all staff at TORT and IMAR. Well done also to Nawaf whose oral presentation went down very well. Here at the TORT Centre we include presentation skills as an integral element of all our courses and I would like to thank our Academic Skills Tutor, Mr Ian Christie, who guides our students through the often tricky aspects of scientific poster design and presentation skills".


Raed's poster can be viewed HERE >>>

Rania's poster can be viewed HERE >>>