MCh (Orth) roll of honour

Every year one student studying the MCh (Orth) Dundee course is awarded the Ian Smillie Class Award of Distinction. This class award of distinction is named after the late Professor Ian Smillie who gained a worldwide reputation in knee surgery and the role of the meniscus and is awarded annually to the student who has attained the highest overall mark for the year.

Professor Smillie was one of the first ‘super-specialists’ in Orthopaedic Surgery and far ahead of his time with his contributions going far beyond his expertise in knee surgery. In 2007 Professor Smillie was posthumously awarded the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) highest honour - entry to the ‘AOSSM Hall of Fame’ for his significant contributions to the specialty of Sports Medicine, which is now on display at the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery alongside the reflex hammer Professor Smillie used throughout his career.

Photographic Elements

Left:Professor Ian Smillie's AOSSM Hall of Fame Award; Right: Professor Smillie's actual reflex hammer.

Roll of Honour

2015-2016   Chinmaya Sharma
2014-2015   Calvin Mathias
2013-2014   Suman Sundarraj
2012-2013   Ian Persad
2011-2012   Manish Kiran
2010-2011   Saif ul Haq Aman
2009-2010   Amit Kumar
2008-2009   Balamurali Krishnan Loganathan
2007-2008   Satish Kanan Rajankulum Ganesan
2006-2007   Rajesh Garg
2005-2006   Roy Abraham
2004-2005   Chacko John Manakkalathil
2003-2004   Rajib Basu
2002-2003   Arpit Jariwala
2001-2002   Syed Aftab Ahmad
2000-2001   S. Krishna Kumar
1999-2000   Sudhir Reddy
1998-1999   Rakesh Rajput
1997-1998   Raju Uppala
1996-1997   Sharadaumar Agarwal
1995-1996   Manhal Nassif

Heads of Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery

Photographic Elements

Left to right: Professors, Ian Smillie (1967 - 1977), George Murdoch (1977 - 1986), David Rowley (1988 - 2007), Rami Abboud (2007 - Present).