Happy Birthday Prof!

It wasn’t even a ‘special milestone’ birthday, as Professor Rami Abboud already celebrated his 50th birthday last year, but this year’s intake of MCh (Orth) students did not want the day to pass without presenting Prof with a surprise birthday cake between lectures today at the TORT Centre. Not only that, but the cake was actually hand-decorated using icing pens by the masterful hands of orthopaedic surgeons!

Dr Srikanth Pinipe spoke for the 2016-2017 MCh (Orth) batch when he said: “It is sometimes disconcerting and scary settling into a new culture so far away from home, and after some initial reservations and unforeseen events we are all very sound and happy. The major portion of our happiness is because the department is so friendly and the way Professor Abboud is with us; so approachable ... already we seriously feel like we are among family here at the TORT Centre”.

Photographic Elements

It was very thoughtful of the guys to take the initiative and time to buy and decorate a birthday cake especially for me, I am very touched” stated Professor Abboud. “When I asked them how they knew, they simply said 'from the NEWS section on our webpages' which tells me that they have settled in well already benefitting from the various facilities at TORT, which is great testament to the measures set in place by the staff in the Department and the University as a whole. They are obviously pleased with the transition from full-time surgeons into full-time postgraduate MCh candidates looking forward for the ultimate prize, the MCh Orth accolade. I wish them a successful and enjoyable year with us here at the TORT Centre”.