We like to go a wandering

It has not taken this year's MCh (Orth) candidates long to begin exploring the country that is their adopted home for the forthcoming year. After the first few weeks of studying, lectures and generally settling into university life the group decided to take a day-trip to Loch Ness along with other likeminded International students.

Upon arriving in Scotland they had heard all about the possibility of sighting Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, but their journey to Urquhart Castle proved to be fruitless in that respect as they only found “Hamish, the mountain coo”! They then continued on to Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands, and the whole day out has left them keen to explore Scotland further.

Photographic Elements

It’s fantastic to see that the new batch of candidates are getting along so well and so soon into their time in Dundee. Integrating with other international students and making friendships is a vital part of the university experience” stated Professor Rami Abboud, MCh (Orth) Course Director.

I know only too well what a stunningly beautiful country Scotland is, especially if the sun shines, and I’m glad they are taking the opportunity to experience what this country has to offer whilst here. After all, they are studying the 'top' MCh (Orth) degree, at the 'top' Medical School in Scotland, with Scotland having most recently been voted the 'top' UK country in which to live. Their enjoyment reflects one of our main university slogans – serious education with serious fun. I have been assured however that they will endeavour to put just as much effort into their studies as they are into enjoying themselves” said a smiling Professor Abboud with a wink!