Dundee & Karachi University collaboration

It is always nice to start a new year by highlighting successful collaboration between the University of Dundee and other universities around the world, especially if it involves one of our graduates.

In December 2016, Dr Weijie Wang (Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research [IMAR], TORT Centre) visited the NED University of Engineering & Technology in Karachi, Pakistan. This visit is part of a collaboration with Dr Wasim Raza, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering of NED, to conduct research on motion analysis of patients with movement disorders. Dr Wasim completed his PhD degree at IMAR under the supervision of Dr Wang and Professor Rami Abboud.

The project intends to enhance collaborations in teaching and research between the two universities which has been funded and supported by Knowledge Economy Partnership Programme of the British Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan since 2015.

The NED University of Engineering & Technology, was established in March 1977 under an act of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh after upgrading of the former NED Government Engineering College, which was set up in 1922. The NED University is thus one of the oldest institution in Pakistan for teaching and producing Engineering graduates.

During the visit, Dr Wang presented at the inauguration of a new foot biomechanics laboratory where he met the Dean of Biomedical Engineering School and Vice Chancellor of NED University Professor Dr Afzal Haque. Dr Wang also gave a series of lectures at NED University, Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College and the Aga Khan University. Lecture topics covered included clinical gait analysis, sport biomechanics, meta-analysis on surgeries and implants, physiotherapy techniques, and computer musculoskeletal simulation in clinical applications. The audience of approximately 500 included students and staff from several universities and also orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses and other professional clinicians from many hospitals. Dr Wang also exchanged research experience with the colleagues in Karachi.

Photographic Elements

Left: Professor Dr Afzal Haque, Vice-Chancellor of NED University, Dr Wang and Dr Wasim; Right: Dr Wang officially opening the new biomechanics lab

Photographic Elements

Left: Dr Wang being presented with a gift in recognistion of his keynote lecture in the college theatre by the CEO and the Director of Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College; Right: Dr Wasim’s research team with Dr Wang at the new biomechanics lab

Professor Rami Abboud, Director of IMAR, stated: “Being asked to present at the inauguration of the new biomechanics lab at NED University just goes to show how highly regarded Dr Wang is in the world of motion analysis and biomechanics. We are fortunate to have Dr Wang here at the University of Dundee. His continued passion for overseas collaborative research and his willingness to assist others improve their skills should be lauded. I would personally like to thank Dr Wasim for looking after Dr Wang during the time he was in Pakistan”.

Dr Wasim added: “It is my honour that I graduated from such a prestigious institute as the University of Dundee where everyone was a motivation for me. This visit and development of the foot biomechanics lab at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, NED University, is the result of this motivation. Dr. Weijie Wang’s lectures were liked by all participants. The biomedical students, physiotherapist and doctors gained valuable knowledge in the areas of motion analysis and computer modelling. Many of the audience are now interested in beginning different research projects at their institutes”.