CMAS National Accreditation 2017 for IMAR Gait Lab

The Gait Analysis Lab, at the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR), has again successfully completed the process of National Accreditation by the Clinical Movement Analysis Society UK and Ireland (CMAS UK).

The lab was one of the first in the UK to achieve such accreditation back in 2009, when the process was first introduced. This was followed by successful annual audits until this year (2017), when the lab was one of the first to transfer to a two-year, rather than an annual programme.

Audit is a rigorous process carried out by internal and external auditors. It examines all aspects of the standards and protocols for the acquisition, processing and reporting of complex three-dimensional (3D) data. Audit facilitates the improvement of such processes so they develop into more efficient and stronger working practices. It ensures that the clinical and 3D data, generated in the lab, is of the highest quality. This is essential in expediting the most appropriate management of individuals with some of the most complex walking patterns.

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The Gait Analysis Lab at the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) at the TORT Centre

A large part of our audit success goes to Mrs Linda Johnston who has helped enormously in undertaking our internal audits. Linda is the Audit Manager within the TORT Centre. The technical support, provided by Dr Graham Arnold and Mr Sadiq Nasir, also cannot be overlooked as they ensure the smooth running of the multitude of equipment in the laboratory.

The Clinical Gait Service is successfully managed by Dr Sheila Gibbs who provides a dedicated clinical service to patients who have problems with their walking such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

We are privileged to have Sheila as part of our team. She is widely respected as a senior clinical gait analyst and has been a regular invited lecturer at ESMAC from 2001 - 2013 and was elected Chair of CMAS between 2010 and 2012”, said Professor Abboud.

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Left: Clinical gait analysis in CP children; Right: Gait analysis of running in sport

The gait analysis lab consists of the latest high-end equipment including 3D motion analysis capture cameras with four floor-embedded force plates and the latest analysis software. The lab is also used extensively by undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD research students on various courses run by the Department. The cutting-edge facilities allow for students to perform and publish important research in the fields of sports biomechanics, foot and gait analysis, forensic footprint analysis, foot wear analysis; basically, if something moves, we can study it!

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The Gait Lab at IMAR being used for sports research into golf swing biomechanics and football shoe analysis. Just two of the numerous studies carried out at IMAR over the past 14 years

Establishing the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) in 2003 is one of my best achievements in my academic career to support our extensive teaching, research and comprehensive clinical motion analysis portfolio to understand what is best for patients in order to alleviate pain and correct deformity and what is best for athletes in order to enhance performance and provide better protection against injury”, stated Professor Abboud. “I am indebted to the staff at IMAR for maintaining the highest standards within this field and in supporting all the activities we do especially in supporting our patients and students”.