Postgraduate Research Student Symposium 2017

Seven PhD students based at the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery (TORT Centre) presented at the School of Medicine Postgraduate Research Student Symposium on 9th June 2017 at Ninewells Hospital.

This annual symposium, hosted this year by Professor John Hayes, gives postgraduate students the opportunity to present their research, develop their presentation skills, both orally and via poster session, learn about other current research and meet with students and supervisors within the School of Medicine.

The following TORT-based students did podium presentations:

  • Mohammed Al-Obaidy: Prospective cohort clinical study of posterior cruciate and meniscofemoral ligaments of the knee joint for nerve map creation from surgical biopsies and morphometric analysis from Thiel embalmed knees (Supervisors: Mr David Nicoll and Professor Tracey Wilkinson). Project jointly run by Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery and CAHID.
  • Rayan Jastania: Development of electromyography controlled assistant device to the patients with movement disables in lower limbs and its application to rehabilitation (Supervisors: Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Tim Drew). Rayan’s presentation won First Prize Award for the 1st Year Dry-Lab Presentation. Professor John Hayes presented Rayan with the award.
  • Bijad Alqahtani: The biomechanical assessment of Tai Chi Chuan movement and implication in rehabilitation exercise (Supervisors: Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold)
  • Abdullah Alzahrani: The biomechanical assessment of balance and gait for patients with stroke and the implication in the diagnosis and rehabilitation (Supervisors: Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold)
  • Raed Alzahrani: Comparison of automated planter pressure masks with masks created according to X-rays in hallux valgus (Supervisors: Professor Rami Abboud, Professor Tracey Wilkinson and Mr Fraser Harrold). Project jointly run by Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery and CAHID.
  • Rania Edris: Assessment of the impact of loading pressure on endothelial function in diabetic foot (Supervisors: Professor Rami Abboud and Professor Faisel Khan). Project jointly run by Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery and Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine.

The following TORT-based PhD student presented his research via Poster:

  • Nawaf Al Khashram: Clinical gait analysis of patients with cerebral palsy using musculoskeletal computer modelling techniques (Supervisors: Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold)

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Left: Professor Gary Mires presents Rayan with his award; Right: L to R, Rayan, Bijad, Abdullah, Rania, Mohammad, Nawaf and Raed 

Three senior academics represented the TORT Centre; Dr Tim Drew being on the judging panel for 1st Year Dry-Lab-Based Presentations session; Professor Rami Abboud Chaired was one of the 3rd Year Dry-Lab-Based Presentations session; Dr Weijie Wang was on the judging panel for awarding the best poster prize.

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It was a delight to listen to such a diverse and interesting range of projects from across the Medical School. It was heartening to see the innovation that our PG students are achieving and for the great support provided by our staff to encourage the students to be outstanding. It was great to see so many staying for the whole duration of the day to celebrate the winners in each category, presented by the Dean of the School, Professor Gary Mires. Congratulations to each of the students for the excellent work that they have achieved so far and good luck with their projects”, stated Professor Rami Abboud, Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching and Head of Postgraduate Division. “These events don’t just happen and a special thanks to all staff that were involved in organising the day, especially Claire Neillie.”