MCh Orth (Dundee) UK Clinical Fellowship

This year the TORT Centre in collaboration with NHS Tayside has set up a Fellowship for its Master of Orthopaedic Surgery degree (MCh Orth).

This initiative, jointly set-up by Mr Arpit Jariwala (Consultant Upper Limb and Trauma Surgeon) and Professor Rami Abboud (MCh Orth Course Director), allows successful MCh (Orth) UK, Dundee, graduates the opportunity to further substantialise the surgical knowledge gained during the course with focused clinical fellowships in a specific orthopaedic area of interest. The fellowship will normally run for a period of up to three months after the student has graduated.

The Fellow attends clinics, theatres both elective and trauma sessions with the lead specialist consultant and is also encouraged to attend other interesting cases in other firms to gain experience. The Fellow is required to prepare an upper limb topic in detail to present to the consultant every week to help advance knowledge in that area and presentation skills. There are weekly meetings to reflect on clinical activities undertaken that week, interesting cases and to discuss the topic for presentation with constructive feedback. The Fellow is required to submit a report of their experience at the end of the MCh (Orth) Fellowship and thereafter awarded a certificate of completion.

This year’s inaugural Fellow was Dr Potsangbam Latsaheb Singh who was presented with his certificate of completion by Mr Jariwala and Professor Abboud on 31 July 2017. Dr Singh’s wife, Sharmila, flew in from India to be with her husband for the ceremony.

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Left: Mr Sankar Sripada (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & Clinical Lead in Orthopaedics), Dr Singh, Mr Arpit Jariwala (Fellowship Coordinator & Consultant Upper Limb and Trauma Surgeon), Mrs Singh at an informal evening prior to the presentation. Right: Mr Jarwala and Professor Rami Abboud presenting Dr Singh with his Fellowship certificate.

Dr Singh was also the recipient of the Clinical Assistance Award which is awarded issued on the recommendation of the Ninewells Hospital Clinical Lead and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Sankar Sripada, who oversees and examines the MCh (Orth) clinical e-log book. This certificate is not necessarily awarded annually but rather it is given only in exceptional circumstances in recognition of a candidate who, on the recommendation of the clinical e-log book examiner and ratified by the examiners board committee, has assisted and observed diligently in operating theatres and clinics throughout the MCh (Orth) degree.

Mr Arpit Jariwala stated:

“I am extremely proud to have presented this first ever MCh (Orth) Fellowship award along with Professor Rami Abboud to Dr Singh. He has shown a tremendous willingness to advance his upper limb orthopaedic knowledge and has been dedicated throughout the two months after his graduation. He attended clinics and theatres both elective and trauma learning tips and tricks of orthopaedics from various NHS Tayside orthopaedic surgeons. He would attend trauma meetings in the morning to hone his skills in decision making and getting a decisive plan for management of patients with orthopaedic injuries including poly-trauma. He also read and presented on various topics as per the plan decided at the start of his fellowship“.

"I am pleased that he has gained so much both from MCh (Orth) Dundee course and also from the Fellowship. Given his experience and present knowledge base, I am confident that he will be comfortable managing orthopaedic patients, provide the best treatment possible and will take great care of them. He will be a valuable asset to which ever department he joins. In him we have a great MCh (Orth) Alumni and an ideal ambassador for the course. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours".

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Left: Dr and Mrs Singh proudly display the Fellowship certificate; Right: Dr Singh conducting his research on "Physiological study of forearm pronation: guiding assessment of pronator quadratus function in Volar plating" at the TORT Centre.

Professor Abboud added:

“We always reflect on how we can enhance the experience of our graduates and with the recent re-accreditation of the MCh (Orth) course by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of England there was no better way than creating specialised fellowships dedicated for our graduates. The first is in Dundee with many more to follow in India and hopefully in other countries. I am grateful to our senior alumni who are taking the lead on this inititaive, especially Mr Arpit Jariwala (Class of 2003) who is a Consultant Upper Limb Surgeon at Ninewells Hospital & Medical School in taking a leading role as the Fellowship Coordinator".