VIVAs culminate TORT students research

Nine students studying three different courses gave oral presentations of their research projects prior to having their Viva Voce examinations at the TORT Centre today, 9th August 2017.

Mr Peter Briggs, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, travelled from Newcastle to be External Examiner on the board of examiners that included Dr Tim Drew, Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold, all from the TORT Centre.

The following students gave excellent oral presentations on their respective research topics:

  • Eddie Jackman (MSc in Sports Medicine and Biomechanics) - Can measuring hip capsular thickness determine the potential level of hip joint laxity in athletes?
  • Rabi Kumaraswamy (MRes Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation) - Biomechanical comparison of the lower body in males and females in landing during a rebound in the game of basketball: a pilot study.
  • Erica Buehlow (MSc Motion Analysis) - Comparison of muscle work and physiological energy during walking
  • Guanliang Lin (MSc Motion Analysis) - Comparison of muscle activities and joint movements in the lower limbs during gait in healthy subjects with and without simulating the scoliosis patient
  • Iris Willaert (MSc Motion Analysis) - Comparison of integrated sock knitted football shoe to a classic football shoe in lower limb biomechanics
  • Giulia Zedda (MSc Motion Analysis) - Effect of transtibial prosthetic alignment on symmetrical gait pattern
  • Kaiyue Zhang (MSc Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology) - A multi-factor statistical analysis of Stryker Accolade, Smith and Nephew Synergy and Aesculap Bicontact implants after total hip arthroplasty

Photographic Elements

Left to right: Ali, Kaiye, Guanliang, Eddie, Giulia, Rabi, Katie, Iris, Erica, Dr Wang, Mr Briggs, Dr Drew, Dr Arnold, Mr Nasir.