Motion analysis research presented at ESMAC 2017

Dr Weijie Wang, Senior lecturer at the TORT Centre, attended the Annual Conference of European Society of Motion Analysis for Adults and Children (ESMAC 2017) on 6-10 September in Trondheim, Norway.

Two research works from the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) were presented at the conference Poster Sessions. The first entitled “Hip joint moment change after botulinum injection in cerebral palsy” was carried out by a previous MCh (Orth) student, Dr Roy Abraham who comes from India (Supervisors: Dr Sheila Gibbs, Dr Graham Arnold, Dr Weijie Wang, Professor Rami Abboud)

The second presentation was entitled “Analysis of hip biomechanics in patients with hip replacement surgery” was conducted by a previous PhD student, Dr Wasim Raza, who lives and works in Pakistan (Supervisors: Dr Graham Arnold, Dr Weijie Wang, Professor Rami Abboud).

Moreover, whilst there Dr Wang met a previous student, Mrs Anne Kristensen who graduated from the TORT Centre in 2014 with an MSc in Motion Analysis. Mrs Kristensen is to carry out a PhD project in Denmark in the near future.

Photographic Elements

Dr Weijie Wang with Mrs Anne Kristensen during the Poster Sessions

The purpose of ESMAC is to stimulate and advance scientific knowledge, professional interaction and the exchange of ideas among Society members relating to movement analysis in adults and children in clinical and research settings. ESMAC is multidisciplinary by nature, mainly interacting clinical and bioengineering disciplines, and ranging from basic sciences to applied practices. Members are from varied backgrounds: orthopaedic surgeons, physiatrist, physiotherapists, human movement scientists, biomechanical and biomedical engineers; as well as many others.

“Presenting some of our motion analysis research at one of the most prestigious conferences is always rewarding in interacting with other colleagues from across the world and especially when encountering our most valued alumni”, stated Dr Wang.

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