National Training Number for MCh (Orth) graduate

My journey in the United Kingdom began in 2014 as a Master of Orthopaedic Surgery (MCh Orth) student at The University of Dundee. Before I completed my MCh post-graduation at Dundee, I had received a confirmed job offer from NHS Lanarkshire as a Specialty Doctor in Orthopaedics. I can still recall the historic wise words of my guide Mr Arpit Jariwala (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, MCh Class 2003):

“Remember this is the beginning, not the end”

I am thankful to all my teachers at Dundee, especially Mr Sankar Sripada and Mr Arpit Jariwala for constantly remaining in touch over the past two years and encouraging me to apply for a National Training Number. Another person who was extremely supportive during my entire stint abroad is Mr Anant Narayan Mahapatra, a senior Orthopaedic Consultant in the Republic of Ireland, and also a Dundee MCh (Orth) graduate himself (Class 2008).

Gaining a National Training Number (NTN) is no mean feat and as always there was very stiff competition for a limited number of positions. I worked extremely hard and prepared meticulously for the interviews. Having the MCh (Orth) degree from Dundee University definitely helped in showing my commitment to this specialty.

Finally I wish to thank everyone at the TORT Centre, especially Professor Rami Abboud, for running this very successful course for almost a quarter of a century. As my journey continues in the UK, I hope we have more MCh (Orth) success stories from the TORT Centre.

Dr Pradyumna Raval
MBBS, MRCS (Eng), MCh (Orth) UK
Specialty Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedics ST3
East of England Deanery, UK

Photographic Elements

Left: Dr Raval and Professor Abboud; Right: A happy but wet Graduation Day in 2015 with Dr Raval, Mr Jariwala and Professor Abboud centre.

“I was heartened when Pradyumna contacted me to tell me of this great achievement in gaining a training number which nowadays is almost impossible for overseas doctors. In his mind, the MCh (Orth) degree from Dundee has played a key role in getting this post and I am sure that this achievement will be an aspiration for many future MCh graduates if they decided to stay at a time when the NHS is struggling to fill many senior posts across the whole of the UK and not in orthopaedics alone. I would hope that our MCh degree becomes a conduit to help the NHS attract high calibre orthopaedic surgeons from around the world and especially India where the medical and training curriculum mirror that of the UK and is delivered in English. For now, I would like to sincerely congratulate Dr Raval for successfully gaining his National Training Number” stated Professor Rami Abboud, MCh (Orth) Course Director.

“His dedication and eagerness to learn were obvious as soon as he began his studies with us here in Dundee. So much so that he was awarded the Clinical Assistance Award for 2014-2015, for assisting and observing diligently in operating theatres and clinics throughout the MCh (Orth) degree.”