New cadaveric hand workshop for 2018

A new cadaveric workshop was offered to this year’s MCh (Orth) candidates on 17th May 2018. Common Hand Surgical Procedures cadaveric workshop: Tips and Tricks was originated and run by Mr Arpit Jariwala, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon NHS Tayside / Honorary Clinical Senior Teacher, University of Dunee.

The workshop was run on the requests of students wanting Mr Jariwala to demonstrate common hand and wrist approaches for different pathologies. Professor Rami Abboud (MCh Orth Director) and Mrs Sheila MacDonald (MCh Orth Course Administrator) arranged the workshop in conjunction with Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) who kindly arranges two cadaveric hand specimens at such a short notice.

Topics covered included:

  1. Carpal Tunnel and extended carpal tunnel for revision cases
  2. Trigger Thumb and Trigger finger
  3. Flexor tendon exposure and Brunner incision
  4. FCR approach for distal radius fracture fixation
  5. Dorsal Wrist approach
  6. De Quervain exposure
  7. Trapezectomy approach
  8. Ulnar collateral exposure of thumb and visualisation of thumb MCP instability post release
  9. Henry’s approach to forearm and proximal radius

Mr Jariwala stated:

“I was only too pleased to arrange this workshop on the request of the MCh (Orth) candidates. I too was an MCh (Orth) candidate in 2003 and understand overseas students quest for new techniques and pathologies, that they can take back home once they have completed the course. I am pleased the workshop went well and having Theil cadavers makes teaching and demonstration so rewarding. . We are planning on offering more workshops (two implant companies have approached me already) next year in MCH Orth.”

Professor Abboud added:

“Once again we are indebted to our NHS colleagues for their continued support of our MCh (Orth) course. Mr Jariwala gives his valuable time freely in support of the candidates and in helping them acquire as much knowledge within this intensive programme that he completed himself with flying colours in 2003. Arpit is a highly valued alumni and loyal colleague that I genuinely call a trusted friend”.

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