TORT Intercalated BMSc Presentation Skills Award

Miss Sarah Burns, an Intercalated BMSc student studying Applied Orthopaedic Technology at the TORT Centre, was presented with this year’s best Presentation Skills Award by Professor Rami Abboud. This award is given to the BMSc student who has written the best scientific research paper submission for the year as per the relevant journal guidelines.

Sarah’s research entitled “A comparison of the protection offered against lower leg injury by different types of shin guards in football”, was supervised by Dr Tim Drew.

Earlier this year Sarah, along with four other BMSc students from the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery, presented her research at the 16th International Conference on Clinical Biomechanics at Staffordshire University Campus University, Stoke-on-Trent on 26 - 28 April, 2018. In addition, Sarah was nominated for this year’s Sir James Mackenzie Award and came 3rd amongst 11 nominated intercalated students from the Medical School.

Photographic Element

The 2017-2018 TORT Centre award winners line up! Left to Right: Patrick Porter, Hamish Matthews, Professor Abboud, Sarah Burns.

“Sarah was a deserved winner of the presentation skills award. Her confidence in understanding and articulating her research topic was apparent to the Board of Examiners by the confident, interesting and enjoyable oral presentation. It was apparent from semester one when she gave a research presentation update that she would be asked by myself to represent the department, along with four others, at the 16th International Conference on Clinical Biomechanics. Well done Sarah, thoroughly merited”, stated Professor Abboud.


Here at the TORT Centre we actively encourage our Intercalated BMSc students to choose an area of research that is of personal interest. Based in the renowned Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) students are exposed and encouraged to use cutting-edge motion analysis technologies with emphasis based on biomechanics, motion and gait analysis, clinical audit, sports and rehabilitation. So whether your interest is in rock climbing, football, hockey, rugby, running, or weightlifting, the only boundary is the students’ own imagination - if it moves, we can analyse it!