18th Birthday for Intercalated BMSc!

There was a celebratory mood at the TORT Centre on Thursday 23rd May, 2019, when a ‘coming of age’ celebration to mark 18 years of the Intercalated BMSc in Applied Orthopaedic Technology degree was held.

Professor Rami Abboud invited 133 graduates from over the years to attend a ‘Pizza & Beer’ (alcohol-free) Party at the Gait Lab at the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research. All attendees received a goody-bag with a memento booklet, graduate mug, University notepad and pen, and a specially struck pin badge for the occasion. Staff and students mingled, ate pizza and shared stories before Julie Smith, now Medical Science Liaison Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim, and a graduate from the very first intake in 2002, cut the specially decorated cake. Pamela Lawrence, Senior Alumni Relations Officer, and Claire MacDonald, Marketing Officer, also joined the celebrations.

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The cake and memento keepsakes of the event. Mug and pin-badge designed by Ian Christie.

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Julie Smith (centre) from 2001-2002 intake cutting the cake.

The celebration was also the opportunity for Professor Abboud to present the class awards, which was an extremely difficult decision this year as all students were of such an exceptionally high standard. The Intercalated BMSc Scientific Communication Award, given annually to the student who has written the best scientific research paper submission for the year as per the relevant journal guidelines, was awarded to Zack Slavin. The Intercalated BMSc Presentation Skills Award, given each year to the student who has best presented their research, orally by PowerPoint, and visually via a scientific research poster was awarded jointly to Jasmine Aikman and Xuan Bahuet (in absentia).

A special award was initiated this year to the best overall student and was awarded, on recommendation of the Board of Examiners, to Tim Brow for his exceptional research work and his exam results. Professor Abboud presented Tim with a set of IMAR engraved whisky glasses. All staff at the TORT Centre would like to take this opportunity to wish Tim and his future wife all the best for their upcoming wedding in two weeks.

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Left and Centre: Jasmine Aikman and Zack Slavin receiving the Presentation Skills and Scientific Paper Awards, respectively, from Professor Abboud; Right: Tim Brow receiving his special award of recognition from Professor Abboud and Dr Tim Drew, Co-Directors of the BMSc since its inception in 2001.

For a bit of fun, Prof set a cryptic quiz with the winner(s) being presented with an 18-year-old bottle of Glenfiddich. Two heads are better than one they say and Daniel Kidd and James Brown (2018-2019 intake) jointly won with a paltry 7 out of 20 questions answered correctly.

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Some of the students racking their brains over Professor Abboud’s quiz, determined to win the only alcohol available on the evening.

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Left: Some of this year’s students presenting the Department with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of bubbly; Right: Daniel, Prof and Tim with the 18-year-old malt whisky they won in the quiz.

Professor Abboud stated:

“I must thank all past students who made the effort to attend the celebration of 18 years of the Intercalated BMSc in Applied Orthopaedic Technology here in Dundee. I am especially pleased that a graduate from the first intake, Julie, made the long journey from Bracknell. Not only is this a time for celebration, reflection and fond memories but one for looking ahead. We can never rest and live on past achievements. We have an obligation to make new memories and strive to make the Intercalated BMSc better still.

Remember, your BMSc journey doesn’t end when you leave the TORT Centre for the last time. You, like the many graduates before you, are our valued Alumni and we are always here to support and take an interest in your future careers. It is with enormous pride that I can call you our Ambassadors - our Family. The BMSc in Applied Orthopaedic Technology has been one of my greatest and proudest developments at the Department especially that it is the only intercalated degree in Orthopaedics in the UK. I will always cherish the great time I had with many of the 133 graduates who are now colleagues and great friends and the degree will always have a special place in my heart as the students have simply been superb”.

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Students, past and present, and staff (front row) raising a toast to the next 18 years!


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