MCh (Orth) 2018-2019 Awards Lunch

Professor Rami Abboud organised a celebratory lunch for this year’s successful MCh (Orth) candidates and associated staff on Thursday 6th June, 2019, at the Invercarse Hotel, Dundee.

All eleven candidates passed and received a specially prepared MCh (Orth) Goody-Bag, including certificates of participation for all workshops and symposiums attended over the year (a record of 10 in total), a course tie and specially struck cuff-links and pin badge designed by Mr Ian Christie.

After lunch Professor Abboud presented this MCh (Orth) year’s awards to the winning recipients:

Ian Smillie Class Award of Distinction - Dr Mohammad Abubakr Riaz

This award is named after the late Professor Ian Smillie who was the founder of the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery at the University of Dundee in 1968. He gained a worldwide reputation in knee surgery and the role of the meniscus. This prestigious prize is awarded annually to the MCh (Orth) degree student who has attained the highest overall mark for the year.

Ian Kelly Scientific Communication Award - Dr Russel Haque

This award is named after the late Professor Ian Kelly who was a lecturer and external examiner and a tremendous champion of the course. The award is presented annually to the MCh (Orth) student who has written the best scientific research paper submission for the year.

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Dr Mohammad Abubakr Riaz (left) and Dr Russel Haque (right) receiving their respective awards from Professor Rami Abboud.

David Rowley Presentation Skills Award - Dr Mohammad Abubakr Riaz

This award is named after the late Professor David I Rowley who was the Head of the Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery from 1988 - 2007, and who instigated the MCh (Orth) degree in 1993. It is awarded annually to the student who has best presented their research, orally, by PowerPoint, and visually via a scientific research poster.

Clinical Assistance Award - Dr Mohan M. Gawande

This award was initiated In 2014 and is issued on the recommendation of the Ninewells Hospital Clinical Lead and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Sankar Sripada, who oversees and examines the MCh (Orth) clinical e-log book. This certificate is not necessarily awarded annually but rather it is given only in exceptional circumstances in recognition of a candidate who, on the recommendation of the clinical e-log book examiner and ratified by the examiners board committee, has assisted and observed diligently in operating theatres and clinics throughout the degree.

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Left: Dr Mohan Gawande receiving his award from Professor Abboud; Right: Prof Abboud speaking with Dr Priyam Hazra who could not make the lunch as he was in London. Professor Abboud was to present Priyam with a set of engraved IMAR glasses in a special recognition award for his resilience.

Professor Abboud, Head of Department and MCh (Orth) course Director, stated:

“I’m delighted and proud to say that this current batch of candidates has been the most successful regarding overall highest marks since the degree’s inception in 1993. Huge congratulations goes to you all for the hard work, dedication and personal sacrifice that comes with studying in a foreign country. I hope you’ll have fond memories of your time spent in Dundee and the new lifelong friendships you have made. Remember too that just because you will leave the TORT Centre physically, this does not mean the end of your journey but rather the beginning of a lifelong membership of our Family. You are now our trusted and faithful Alumni based throughout the world and we will continue to support you from afar. Please do stay in touch and use our WhatsApp MCh group to keep abreast with news and the other past and senior fellow Alumni who regularly ask for and discuss orthopaedic opinions and advances in surgical techniques, not to mention keeping abreast with conferences and meetings. From the bottom of my heart I wish you every success in your future careers.”

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Left to Right: Dr. Pulak Kumar Giri, Dr. Mohan M. Gawande, Dr. Arpit Tiwari, Dr. Russel Haque, Ian Christie, Professor Rami Abboud, Sheila MacDonald, Dr. Pagadpally Girish, Dr. Abhimanyu Kumar, Dave Ridley, Dr. Faiyaz Khan, Dr. Mohammad Abubakr Riaz, Linda Johnston, Dr Weijie Wang, Dr Graham Arnold, Sadiq Nasir, Dr Tim Drew. In absentia: Dr Amjad Sawah, Dr. Priyam Hazra, Dr. Sandeep Prakash Surapaneni.