Summer Graduation 19 - 21 June, 2019

The City of Dundee was in a celebratory mood this week with the Summer Graduation Ceremony for the School of Medicine on 21st June, 2019.

Not only would we like to extend our congratulations to our TORT Centre Graduates but also to the thousands of University of Dundee students who felt the affirmative tap of the Dundee brush over the course of the 3 days ceremonies! The traditional Dundee bonnet is used each year by the Chancellor to symbolically confer degrees upon all graduates.

On this extra special day it’s always extremely rewarding to see our students successfully completing their respective degrees and graduating in Dundee’s splendid Caird Hall. The City was filled with excited students, parents, and friends and proud academics and staff attending Graduation and the post-ceremony Garden Parties on Campus or family meals and get-togethers after the ceremony.

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MCh (Orth) candidates gathering in the City Square prior to Graduation ceremony. Left: Dr Faiyaz Khan and Dr Abhimanyu Kumar; Right: Dr Priyam Hazra.

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Intercalated BMSc students arriving at Graduation. Left: Rachel McHugh and Madeleine Reece; Right: Callum Frew and Jessica McCleery.

A total of 34 students from 8 different countries, studying 7 different courses at the TORT Centre graduated with many attending the ceremony to receive their degrees.

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Recipients of this year’s Honorary Degrees of Doctor of Laws honoris causa. Left: Professor Ronald Hardin, Emeritus Professor of Medical Education at the University of Dundee and a world leader in his field; Right: Dr Parag Sancheti, Dr Sancheti, a practicing Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, is the Chairman and Managing Director at the Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation and Joint Replacement Centre and Postgraduate Dean at the University of Maharashtra.

Professor Rami Abboud, Head of Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery and MCh (Orth) Course Director, stated:

“Graduation is always the celebratory culmination of a year of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. It’s when students can reflect upon what they have so richly achieved, and when families, friends and University staff can reflect and be proud of their help and support. It has been a record-breaking year at the TORT Centre with our highest academic ever overall marks across two courses. Out of 16 Intercalated BMSc students, 14 graduated with First Class Honours and out of 11 MCh (Orth) candidates 3 finished with over 80% average and one awarded for the first time in 26 years MCh Orth with distinction! As graduates, you have now become our ambassadors and on behalf of everybody at the TORT Centre, I wish you every success in your onwards and upwards life journey. Please keep us informed of your future successes and do please try to visit us when you can. You are now valued members of our extended TORT family (The TORTers)!

This year’s ceremony was extra-special for me as the University bestowed an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws upon my colleague and friend Dr Parag Sancheti, who is an MCh (Orth) Alumni from 2003 to conclude the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the Dundee MC (Orth) course with over 450 graduates so far.”

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Left: Professor Rami Abboud, Sofia Skevofylaka (DUSA President), Professor Andrew Atherton (Principal & Vice-Chancellor); Right: Intercalated BMSc Graduates, Back L to R: Jasmine Aikman, Laura Doherty, Elizabeth Ramsay, Andrew Martin, Daniel Kidd, Zack Slevin, Xuan Bahuet (Sir James Mackenzie 2019 Prize), James Paxton, Front L to R: Callum Frew, Ruaridh McLeod, James Brown, Professor Abboud.

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Left: Professor Rami Abboud with Claire Waugh (BMSc Graduate, 2017) who graduated MBChB and also won this year’s 2019 Hugh Cameron Award in Surgery; Right: MCh (Orth) Alumni Ambassadors, L to R: Dr Mohan Gawande, Dr Amjad Sawah, Dr Faiyaz Khan, Professor Rami Abboud, Dr Parag Sancheti, Mr Arpit Jariwala, Dr Abhimanyu Kumar.


Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours - Applied Orthopaedic Technology

Jasmine Aikman, Aurelien-Xuan Bahuet, Timothy Brow, Erin Brown, James Brown, Laura Doherty, Callum Frew, Daniel Kidd, Andrew Martin, Jessica McCleery, Rachel McHugh, Ruaridh McLeod, James Paxton, Elizabeth Ramsay, Madeleine Reece, Zack Slevin

Master Of Orthopaedic Surgery (MCh Orth)

Mohan Gawande, Pulak K. Giri, Russel Haque (In Abs), Priyam Hazra, Faiyaz Khan, Abhimanyu Kumar, Girish Pagadpally (In Abs), Mohammad Riaz (with Distinction), Amjad Sawah, Sandeep Suprapaneni (In Abs), Arpit Tiwari

Master of Science In Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Technology

Levent Bayam (In Abs), Albert Chikate, Merve Kizilay (In Abs)

Master of Research in Sports & Biomechanical Medicine

Samy Sayed (In Abs)

Postgraduate Diploma in Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Technology

Stephen Borland

Postgraduate Certificate in Sports & Biomechanical Medicine

Angela Gallacher

Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Audit & Research For Healthcare Professionals

Kristine Valtere (In Abs)


Sir James Mackenzie Prize - Medical School

Aurelien-Xuan Bahuet

Hugh Cameron Award in Surgery

Claire Waugh (Intercalated BMSc Graduate, 2017)

Sir James Black Prize - Medical School

Erin Frizzel (Intercalated BMSc Graduate, 2017)


Dr Parag Sancheti (MCh Alumni, 2003)