Sports Science + Sports Medicine Conference, 2019

Dr Abhishek Chowdhery, who successfully completed his MSc Motion Analysis in June this year, presented his research at the International Sports Science + Sports Medicine Conference, held this year at Newcastle University on 3-5 September.

Dr Chowdhery’s research, entitled ‘Comparison of muscle forces and powers between genders during walking’, was carried out at the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR), and was jointly supervised by Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold. Dr Chowdhery specialises in Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Medicine.

The conference is Europe's Premier Sports Science & Sports Medicine Conference with leading international speakers presenting the latest evidence encouraging discussion and interaction. The conference is aimed at professionals and students interested in sports medicine, science, physiotherapy, and strength and conditioning.

Dr Weijie Wang, Senior Lecturer at IMAR, stated:

“I would like to congratulate Dr Chowdhery on his podium presentation. He not only completed his study extremely proficiently, he has managed to disseminate the results of his research at an international conference. In other words, he is able to run a motion capture system, force plates, electromyography system to collect data, use various software packages to analyse data, and write the results into scientific paper. I am glad to see that all this year’s students passed the MSC Motion Analysis and learned to use cutting edge motion analysis technology which they are now applying these skills to their particular fields of clinical practice, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine also in physiotherapy and sports science”.

Mr Arpit Jariwala, Consultant Upper Limb and Trauma Surgeon/Clinical Reader (Hon), added:

“I’d like to congratulate Dr Abhishek Chowdhery and his supervisors for presenting their research in Europe's premier Sports Science & Sports Medicine Conference. This is brilliant news and yet another example of the good quality research that is undertaken in the University Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, TORT Centre. I’m sure we will soon see this piece of research work being published in a peer-reviewed journal to help disseminate the important finings to a much larger section of the interested audience”.