3D Printing & Biomechanics Webinar

The University Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery (UDOTS) ran an online webinar on 3D Printing & Biomechanics: a unique experience, on 14th May 2020.

This Webinar was run simultaneously in India (4:00-6:00pm) and in the UK (11:30-1:30am) and boasted impressive International and National Faculties and was attended virtually by more than 2000 delegates.

Mr Arpit Jariwala, UDOTS Director, welcomed everybody and gave an introduction of proceedings and what biomechanics means to an orthopaedic surgeon. Dr Tim Drew then opened the first session with a presentation on the biomechanical forces across joints before Dr Graham Arnold and Mr Sadiq Nasir detailed how to take biomechanical measurements using the latest motion analysis techniques. The second session began with Dr Drew explaining 3D printing technology followed by Mr Kar and Mr Malik highlighting clinical applications for 3D printing. All speakers then fielded questions from an enthusiastic online audience before Mr Ian Christie gave closing remarks and thanks.

Dr Nirmalya Deb, Webinar Moderator, stated:

“This Webinar was organised by the Alumni of the University of Dundee in Kolkata in collaboration with UDOTS. This unique webinar, the first of its kind in recent times, was the outcome of research work done in the past by graduates of the MCh (Orth) course with Dr Tim Drew as their mentor and supervisor, an excellent guide with an in-depth knowledge of biomechanics, which prompted myself and Dr Amitava Mukherjee to explore and share his knowledge on a much larger platform. This coupled with technical knowledge from Dr Graham Arnold, Mr Sadiq Nasir and further help from Mr Ian Christie, made our endeavour a roaring success, far beyond our imagination.

However, nothing of this scale could have been achieved without the able and wise guidance from our MCh (Orth) Course Director, Mr Arpit Jariwala. The final shape to the program was given by him which led to the program being executed with perfection and aptness. As such we were left with a captive audience who applauded our efforts and the Webinar in entirety.”