Debut Novel Published

Ian Christie, Academic Skills Tutor at the University Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery (UDOTS), has published his debut novel as a Kindle Book.

The book, entitled “The Reign of the Beast: a DI Wiggins Adventure”, was written jointly by Ian and his older brother Grant under the pen name of Ian C. Grant.

The novel is set in Edwardian London in 1913 and concerns the former leader of Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street Irregulars, Albert Wiggins, who is now a CID Detective Inspector, leading the hunt for a serial killer a generation after London shuddered under the visceral rampage of the Ripper. Wiggins is ably aided by Sergeant Jem Pyke, a hardened veteran hero of the Second Boer War and an eclectic cast of characters including the seemingly ageless Dutch leper and scientific visionary, Dante Van Hoon, and the legendary Doctor John H. Watson.

Ian stated:

“The idea transpired about four years ago when Grant began wondering about the fate of minor characters who had a major impact upon events in works of fiction. Wiggins was the only member of Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street Irregulars that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mentioned by name, so he decided to draft a novel about him. Grant had the bare bones of a story outlined which we both worked on and developed remotely as he works in London and I live here in Dundee. He would write a chapter and I’d edit and vice versa. I especially enjoyed researching Edwardian London, its people and cultural events of the time. Most of the characters mentioned in the book were real people of the era.

As neither of us are authors, the project began as a bit of fun but a few people who read the manuscript suggested we published it, so here we are, one book completed, a second awaiting final proofing and a third half-written, all being in a series of DI Wiggins Adventures. Even if we don’t sell many copies, we’ve enjoyed the process immensely and become closer than we’ve ever been.”

The Reign of the Beast: a DI Wiggins Adventure is available to buy for £2.99 on Amazon. Suitable for ages 18+

Mr Arpit Jariwala, Director of UDOTS, stated:

“Very pleased to see another hidden talent of an already multi-talented Mr Ian Christie. I am sure with his amazing creativity the book will be a brilliant read. Very proud of you Ian for achieving another feat and another item ticked off your bucket list. Looking forward to reading it.”