MCh (Orth) Alumnus Fellowship

Dr Amogh Zawar, an MCh (Orth) graduate from 2019-2020, has been accepted for a two-year Fellowship course in spinal surgery at the prestigious Indian Spinal Injuries Centre in New Delhi.

Dr Zawar stated:

“I am happy to share that I scored an all India Rank 8th in the entrance test for FNB (Fellowship of National Board) which is a two-year fellowship course in spinal surgery. My time at the University of Dundee during my MCh (Orth) definitely helped me achieve a single digit rank in this highly competitive exam taken by over 500 orthopaedic specialists throughout India.”

Dr Zawar’s MCh (Orth) research was conducted on “Biomechanical analysis of deep lunges and implications on rehabilitation of back pain” under the direct supervision of Dr Weijie Wang (Senior Lecturer, UDOTS). His research utilised Electromyography (EMG), VICON 3D Motion Capture System and force plates at the Motion and Gait Analysis Labs at UDOTS, TORT Centre.

Mr Arpit Jariwala (MCh Course Director and UDOTS Director) added:

“It’s always extremely rewarding to see our graduates further their careers in the field of orthopaedics. This is a prestigious Fellowship and one from which Dr Zawar will gain tremendous experience and skills. His choosing a research topic that he was unfamiliar with shows his willingness to learn different and challenging technologies to widen his knowledge base. We all wish you a successful two-year Fellowship.”