Global Orthopaedic Microsoft Mesh virtual workshop

Dr Firas Bakri, a UDOTS MCh (Orth) Dundee graduate from 2019-2020, took part in a global orthopaedic workshop using Microsoft Mesh technology on 20th March 2021.

The new technology allows individuals to collaborate remotely as Avatars in real-time in a mixed reality space, so a small group of orthopaedic surgeons from different corners 1stof the world decided to hold the first orthopaedic workshop to be held in such a way. This initiative was launched by Dr Mohy Taha, a shoulder surgeon based in Switzerland.

Professor Thomas Grégory (France), Dr John Erickson (USA)  and  Dr Firas Bakri (Scotland) joined Dr Taha for a one-hour collaborative session on shoulder surgery using HoloLens2 from Microsoft.

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Dr Bakri, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Co-founder of Xavier Bionix stated:

“The workshop was a mind-blowing experience! I pulled out one of my 3D models (a comminuted fracture of the humerus) and it was instantly available in holographic form for each of us to manipulate and examine in real-time. It is a truly immersive experience with real-time speech, movement and facial expressions. We also discussed the features, benefits and limitations of this technology, but the general consensus was that this is the future with great potential. It was proposed that we start a monthly small international meeting where each attendee can spend 10-15 minutes presenting an interesting case, so we are hoping to invite a greater number of orthopaedic surgeons to remotely attend.”


“It was my greatest pleasure to host this shoulder surgery workshop from my living room in Switzerland. Thanks a million, to the participants for the interesting discussion, inputs and insights. The power of collaboration is limitless.” Dr Mohy Taha

“Such a great experience collaborating with surgeons in France, Switzerland and Scotland this morning. Being able to manipulate and share 3D models across the globe is incredible.” Dr John Erickson

“Just one month after the 24 hours of Holographic Surgery Event, it was the world first Shoulder Elbow Avatar meeting made possible by Mesh app for Microsoft Hololens. The promise of this technology is huge for discussing difficult cases between surgeons located in different areas, with the ultimate goal to improve the outcome for our patients,” Professor Thomas Grégory


Dr Bakri, originally from Jordan but now living and working in Dundee, conducted his MCh (Orth) research on developing, designing and evaluating a prototype custom-made external fixator frame/joint spanning (hinged) external fixator frame, using computer-aided design and 3D printing methods, without the need to have a pin inserted in a fashion corresponding to the centre of rotation of the joint. The research was supervised by Dr Tim Drew (Senior Lecturer, UDOTS).