UDOTS Sports Injury Symposium Success!

The 2nd Annual Dundee Sports Injury Symposium held on Friday 9 July 2021, was a huge success.

This year’s event, organised and run by Mr Arpit Jariwala (Director UDOTS) and Dr Andrew J. Murphy (Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation), was held remotely online and free to attend. A selection of topics was presented live with some pre-recorded sessions thrown in where speakers were unable to attend due to time differences. This year’s event had invited distinguished lecturers from the University of Cincinnati, USA, facilitated by one of UDOTS’ alumni, Dr Krishna Reddy.

A total of 69 delegates attended online and were treated to a varied programme of sports injury-related topics presented by a renowned faculty from around the world. Delegates will receive requested certificates of attendance in due course.

 Photographic Image

Clockwise from top left: Mr Arpit Jariwala (symposium organiser and speaker), Dr Andrew J. Murphy (organising faculty and symposium coordinator), Dr Krishna Reddy (organising faculty and speaker), Mr Graeme Nicol (one of the guest speakers).

The symposium was recorded and can be viewed here.

Dr Andrew J. Murphy commented:

“It was a real pleasure to be involved in running this event again this year, we have had nothing but positive feedback from colleagues, and students and trainees alike. A huge thanks must go to everyone involved in pulling off such a successful event, and everyone who attended and participated on the day. One of the most enjoyable days at work that I have had this year.”

Dr Krishna Reddy added:

“It was a wonderfully organized program. It is so interesting to hear the subtle differences in practice and approach to sports medicine in different parts of the world. The trends, tips and tricks and pearls of wisdom will be helpful to not just trainees but also to practising surgeons. Personally, I find it very fascinating to hear different speciality providers and healthcare affiliates talk on a widely diverse topic like sports medicine as it provides insights to a varied perspective across. It’s been a great privilege for me to be involved with the course. “

Mr Arpit Jariwala further commented:

“As UDOTS Director, I’d like to thank everyone involved in making the 2021 symposium such an enjoyable, informative and expertly run event. I’d especially like to highlight the work and preparation done by Dr Reddy and Dr Murphy in making the day run professionally and smoothly by remote means. The teaching faculty all gave impressive and educational talks which from the feedback we’ve received was enjoyed. Here’s to an even better and bigger symposium in 2022 when we can all hopefully meet face-to-face in Dundee.”



“Really well organised and interesting speakers!”

“Very well coordinated. Really enjoyed the Teams format. Excellent speakers and lots of thought-provoking and useful information. Many thanks.”

“Good combination of live and pre-recorded talks worked really well. Very well organised and good conversation in the chat section.”

“This event was very informative and applicable to my future clinical studies. Comparison between intervention protocols in different countries was particularly intriguing.”

“It was a wonderful session.”

“Excellent organisation plus content as well as delivery. The discussion was very engaging. Very well done.”

“Great sessions. The interactive Mentimeter element worked really well.”

“Very informative with great variety. Great to have pitchside sessions/information included. Also, very informative surgical interventions that help develop understanding from a physio perspective. Thank you.”