Live Webinar on Orthopaedic Principles 2021

Mr Arpit Jariwala (Director UDOTS & Consultant Shoulder, Elbow and Trauma Surgeon) was an invited guest of honour by Dr Hitesh Gopalan U (Editor, Orthopaedic Principles, Editor-in-Chief, Evidence-Based Orthopaedic Principles, Clinical Professor, KMCT Medical College) at the Live Program on Orthopaedic Principles on September 17th 2021 @ 9:00pm India time.

Mr Jariwala gave a thirty-minute talk remotely on ‘Acromioclavicular joint dislocation and its management with a special technique’ which he uses with good results for joint stabilisation, followed by a Q&A session. The live Webinar was broadcast via Zoom and was well attended by consultants and residents with global distribution.

The subsequent recording of Mr Jariwala’s topic has been viewed by almost 600 people at the time of writing this story. It can be watched at the Orthopaedic Principles home page and also on Youtube

Orthopaedic Principles is an educational platform created to simplify Postgraduate orthopaedic education and to disseminate orthopaedic knowledge across the world.

Screenshot of Webinar

Dr Hitesh Gopalan introducing Mr Arpit Jariwala