UDOTS PhD Success

Dr Rayan Hassan Jastania, from Saudi Arabia, began his PhD in Dundee in 2017 after gaining his MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences at Concordia University Wisconsin, USA in 2014.

His research topic, entitled “Development of electromyography-controlled continuous passive motion machine for lower limb movement and implication in rehabilitation exercise” was supervised by Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Tim Drew (Senior Lecturers, UDOTS).

Rayan’s project explores the relationship between electromyography signals and movements in the lower limbs including the design and building of an experimental rehabilitation machine. He has been active during his time in Dundee and was awarded 1st Prize in the category of First-year Dry-lab presentation at the School of Medicine’s Annual Postgraduate Research Student Symposium on 9th June 2017. 

Rayan also presented his research work more recently at ICBHMS 2020: 22nd International Conference on Biomechanics of Human Movement and Sport, held at Novotel London Wembley on January 20-21st 2020 London UK. His PhD thesis provides an important reference for clinicians, the elderly, and the disabled in terms of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Left: Rayan working on the rehabilitation machine, Right: with his 1st Prize presentation award

Everyone at UDOTS would like to congratulate Rayan and wish him every success in his future career.

Rayan stated:

“My research aimed to develop a human-machine interface technology to improve interactions between the CPM machine and the user. Moreover, this study extracted a novel technique of EMG pattern recognition for different joint movements of the lower limbs. I hope findings from this project will improve current rehabilitation treatment approaches for assisting various types of movement disabilities. I plan to return home to Saudi Arabia to work as an assistant professor in the rehabilitation department at King Abdulaziz University where I can apply the knowledge and expertise I gained from the University of Dundee. I had a fruitful experience in Dundee; the cooperative staff, a motivational environment and a friendly atmosphere allowed me to thrive and achieve my goal.” 

Dr Weijie Wang (Principal Supervisor) added:

“I am pleased to see that Rayan has completed his PhD study. His thesis has highlighted many interesting points to be explored further. With a training background in physiotherapy, Rayan has worked hard to learn new technologies, such as motion capture, gait analysis, signal analysis, and instrumentation (e.g. computer programming and electronic circuit arranging). I hope this new knowledge and skills will help him to move forward in his career direction. I also hope to collaborate with him someway in the future to develop new research projects in Saudi Arabia.”