Summer Graduation 2022

The City of Dundee was in a celebratory mood these past two weeks with various graduation ceremonies taking place. The City was filled with excited students, parents, friends and proud academics and support staff attending Graduation and the subsequent Garden Parties or family meals and get-togethers after the ceremony.

The Summer Graduation Ceremony for the School of Medicine took place on Friday 24 June 2022. Five students studying Intercalated BMSc in Applied Orthopaedic Technology at UDOTS received their degrees at the ceremony held at the splendid Caird Hall.

  • Hannah Berry investigated the biomechanics of the freestyle stroke in swimming using field-based wearable technology. Her research was supervised by Dr Andrew J. Murphy.
  • Lucy Irvine compared early and late presentation of developmental dysplasia of the hip in NHS Tayside to review demographics, treatment, and outcomes, and was supervised by Mr Donald Campbell, Mr Jamie Maclean and Mrs Jenni Dalgleish.
  • Dominic Lee studied the biomechanical analysis of the lower limb during fencing movements and investigated any benefits of wearing kinesiology tape. The project was supervised by Dr Graham Arnold and Mr Sadiq Nasir.
  • Jeremy Lee carried out a biomechanical investigation of walking and the sit-to-stand-to-walk action pre- and post-novel approaches to hip replacement surgery. The research project was supervised by Dr Andrew J. Murphy.
  • Jack Roberts investigated whether wrist wraps help when performing a standing barbell overhead press. His research was supervised by Dr Graham Arnold and Mr Sadiq Nasir.

Watch the full graduation ceremony Summer Graduation, Friday 24 June 2022

Not only would we like to extend our congratulations to our own UDOTS Graduates but to every one of the hundreds of students who received degrees and felt the tap of the Dundee bonnet (cap) over the three days. The traditional Dundee bonnet is used each year by the Chancellor, Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, to symbolically confer degrees upon graduates. It was first used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 1971 in her capacity as the first University Chancellor, 1967 - 1971.

Class photograph

Back, left to right: Dr Andrew J. Murphy (Project Supervisor), Dr Tim Drew (Project Supervisor), Mrs Sheila MacDonald (Senior Programme Administrator), Mr Sadiq Nasir (Project Supervisor), Dr Graham Arnold (Project Supervisor), Mr Muhammad Hussain (Laboratory Technician), Mrs Jenni Dalgleish (Project Supervisor). Front: Jack Roberts, Lucy Irvine, Hannah Berry, Dominic Lee, Jeremy Lee.

Dr Tim Drew, BMSc programme lead, commented:

“We are extremely proud of what our five BMSc students have achieved this year despite facing the ongoing disruption of the COVID pandemic. All students successfully carried out challenging research projects and presented their work at the national clinical biomechanics conference at Staffordshire University which was a fantastic achievement. They have all graduated with excellent academic results and we are sure they will go on to do great things in the future. We wish them all the best in their future careers.”

Everyone at UDOTS would also like to congratulate our Intercalated BMSc students from 2019-2020, Dr Joshua Abishek, Dr Keir Carmichael, Dr Ahmed Elsayed, Dr Niamh Fitzpatrick, Dr John Hannah, Dr Ronan Harrison, Dr Katharine Hill, Dr Joseph McAuley, Dr Emily Turnbull, Dr Matthew Turner and Dr Daniel Watkins for also graduating with their MBChB.

Collage of student graduation photographs

Left top clockwise: Graduation ceremony venue Dundee’s Caird Hall, Dr Emily Turnbull, Dr Ahmed Elsayed, Dr Ronan Harrison, Dr Katharine Hill and Dr Joshua Abishek.

Mr Arpit Jariwala, UDOTS Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, added:

“I’m so happy to see medical students of yesterday graduating into the doctors of tomorrow. We at UDOTS feel so proud that we have been even a small part of their journey when they did their intercalated BMSc research projects with us. We wish them all the best for their bright futures and successful medical careers.”